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Top best internet service providers in Kenya

Liquid Telecom (Formerly Kenya Data Networks)
Kenya Data Networks formerly known as KDN was bought by Liquid telecom based in south Africa. Liquid Telecom as its known now is one of the largest internet service providers in Kenya providing both Fiber optic and wireless communication channels. The company is still based in Mombasa road sameer complex. Liquid telecom is a licensed internet service provider to smaller ISPs in Kenya. Some of the services that they offer Fiber optic connection with speeds of up to 20Mbps, broadband connection via satellite, Wimax services that ensure you get connectivity anywhere and anytime. Wimax can be helpful in areas where normal 3G connectivity is congested. Most of their clients are corporate and small companies with a bandwidth requirement of 2Mbps – 20Mbps..

Access Kenya

Access  Kenya is one of the top internet service providers and best in Kenya.Having been in the market for more than 10years.Access pride themselves with having the biggest corporate customers in the country including Banks, NGOs and other big companies.Their services are divided into 5 categories that include corporate internet solutions, residential broadband, managed services and SME. Their fiber network covers most of the buildings in Nairobi and Mombasa.There connection is not only tied to cable they are also a major wireless internet provider using their Wimax and Motorola canopy network covering majort towns like Mombasa, Athi River, Thika, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Nanyuki and Nyeri.Other services offered by access include business tailored services such as cloud computing ,hosted exchange which includes email accounts for business with your own domain.Access Kenya offices occupy 3rd and 4th floor of purshottam place Museum Hill westlands.Most of their services will be suitable for big business but not SMEs or individuals. Although this doesn’t mean they don’t have you covered.

Zuku is the other major player in the internet and pay TV market in Kenya. They have evolved to offer both services concentrating on Nairobi and its environs.Zuku services are divided into two that is satellite TV and Triple pay. For triple pay they provide high speed internet connection, TV channels and a telephone connection. They have three packages
Basic R1 – Basic TV 67 channels, 1Mbps residential connection, Phone and a router –ksh2, 999
Premium R8 – Premium 97 TV channels, 8Mbps residential connection, Phone and a Wi-Fi Router – ksh3, 999
Premium R20 – Premium 97 TV channels, 20Mbps residential connection, Phone and a Wi-Fi Router – ksh9, 999
Note: all packages have a set up fee of ksh3, 999/

These services apply in major estates in Nairobi such as South C, wetlands, Nairobi west, madaraka, Lavington, Kileleshwa and others. At the moment they are using Kenya power lines to rely their cables to other homes which I think is a good idea since they can reach many homes and estates. Zuku offices Kenya are located at Gateway Business Park, Block E, next to Parkside Towers, Mombasa Road.
iWay Africa
The company was formed after three company namely Africa online,afsat communications and M-WEB Africa came together.They offer Vsat services,Voice over internet protocol and other business to business communications services.Iway was one of the first companies offering WIMAX services.The company is based in Upper Hill Rahimtulla Towers in Kenya. It also has other branches in Africa in countries such as Nigeria,Tanzania and Nambia. They have not been able to occupy a big market share in the market and very little is known about their services. Going through their website I found very little information about their prices for different packages.I kind of came with a conclusion they must be

Faiba is the company under Jamii Telecoms limited to cater for broadband residential fiber connections in Kenya. Some of their adverts on TV have made them very popular by the antics displayed on their adverts. But what they are providing can’t be ignored. This company has enlightened most people about the extent that a fiber connection can mean compared to normal broadband connection. Their packages are grouped into 3 categories
10Mbps connection at monthly fee of ksh10,000/=
15Mbps connection at monthly fee of ksh15,000/=
20Mbps connection at monthly fee of ksh12,000/=
Considering that its purely fiber optic connection this packages can be used to do video conferencing, Online video games, Running heavy applications on servers such as hosting websites. The advantage with fiber optic connection is less interference resulting to clear signal. This is the kind of connection you stream movies or even watch live football without noticing any lag in speed. Faiba is covering the posh estates in Nairobi such as Karen, Runda, Nyari, westlands, garden estate and others so for someone like me who lives in eehh!!! I will not be using this service my 2Mbps modem connection is good enough.

Orange Kenya

Orange Kenya is internet and voice brand by Telkom Kenya. Orange has been in the market for quite some time and used to dominate before other ISP such as safaricom and Airtel introduced the competition. They offer fixed broadband services and mobile broadband. Orange products are far and wide starting with the fixed broadband they offer. You need to have a fixed line, normal telephone line coming to your home or office for the installation for fixed broadband to take place. This connection uses ADSL technology and they offer 4 packages.
Internet Speeds
256 Kbps
Free Minutes Telkom/Orange Networks
Monthly Fee
Telkom Fixed/ Orange Network
As the current tariff
Telkom Fixed to othe Networks
At the current tariff
Email Address Free email address
Device Cost (Livebox + Panasonic Handset)
Ksh 3,999

This service is suitable for people with a Telephone landline already in place, but for those who would like to be set up it costs 3,394ksh + device cost of the livebox which goes for 3,490/=.That means if you already have the landline you will only incur the device cost.
The other Mobile broadband services offered by orange are Mobile connections using Modems, Wireless routers. As I told you orange Kenya has a wide range of devices. Such as the Flybox, D-Link router, Surf and Pay, Domino Wi-Fi portable router , Internet 3G modems(Wireless and GSM).
The wireless modems use the EVDO and CDMA technology and are suitable for use in areas with low 3G network. The devices range from ksh1,000 – ksh16,000/=.
Am going to touch on the most common, which is the modem. The 3G modem is the cheapest retailing at 1,999/= and the Wireless is ksh3, 999/=
All their bundles can be used on either orange wireless or 3G modem. With the exception of Airtel who re-introduced their unlimited offers, orange have been the most consistent in providing unlimited mobile broadband packages. The following is the prices for their data bundles.


Safaricom internet is also divided into two the business users and the average normal users.For the normal average users you can use your internet enable phone to access 3G internet using their pre-paid bundles available here.Safaricom also have a package called internet Nyumbani for users who would like to share internet using their router.The router retails at 5,999/= and comes with 4GB free data.Safaricom modem price is 1,999/= but you can get it on their offers at 1000/=.To access their bundles menu a user dials *544# and you have the option to buy using your Airtime or M-Pesa.The business packages that safaricom offers are managed WI-fi connectivity,private APN address for business or organizations, managed wide area networks and black berry offers.
One click of a button and you are connected to the world! That is how important the internet has become today. If you are a home internet user, the Safaricom 3G Router is all you need. As a safaricom user the only thing I have noticed is their bundles are slightly expensive compared to orange Kenya.Also they have stopped offering Unlimited internet.Safaricom complained of their users abusing the services by exceeding the limits.

Airtel kenya have majored on 3G services for mobile users in Kenya. Their 3G network covers Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Naivasha, Nakuru .Most of airtel packages are grouped into prepaid data bundles and the unlimited package. Their bundles are similar to Safaricom's prices and have an average validity of 30 days. You can use them on your handset,Modem or router. Comparing their unlimited with orange kenya unlimited, airtel is a bit expensive but worth. when you buy the daily unlimited that costs 250ksh you get 3GB after being capped ,15GB on weekly and 30Gb on monthly unlimited.Check out all their bundles here
The prices are
One day Ez Blaze unlimited 250/=
One week Ez Blaze unlimited 1, 299
One monthly  Ez Blaze unlimited 3,499.
Almost forgot the airtel tosha bundles for 20sh.Its suitable for mobile users willing to spend only 20sh and you get 100mb.The only catch is that it runs up to midnight and after that you must renew it. Also you cannot subscribe to any other unlimited offer when you on the Tosha offer.

Final verdict is all internet service providers have their pros and cons. Some are good when it comes to their prices, customer experience with their staff in case you run into problems and efficiency in terms of packages offered. Also it depends with the kind of bandwidth you require for your needs. Business users will not go for bundles or Unlimited offers that capped by Internet service providers in Kenya.
Concerning 3G connectivity some areas in the country have poor 3G network and no matter what you do they cannot receive the best connection here many people complaining about airtel network but I have a very good connection on my modem in my House never experience slow speeds. Before you get yourself some 3G modem always confirm the reception in that area. Another point to note before you go for unlimited internet bundles beware that most of them are capped except the ones offered by companies such as Zuku, Faiba or Liquid telecom. I will not tarnish the names  of any provider but some of them have a bad reputation with customer care and constant downtime.

Other internet service providers that I did not cover but are also popular include Tangerine, Jambo telekom, Yu Essar etc.

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Best midrange smartphones in Kenya.

Sometime you want to upgrade to a better phone after realizing your phone is lacking in terms of better features, or you just tired of having the same phone for a long time. Most likely you will go for either an expensive Smartphone with a lot of good features or you will choose to stay on budget and get yourself a midrange Smartphone. The advantages are better quality photos, ability to run many applications without experiencing problems and even the screen size matters sometime. If you in Nairobi Kenya and you plan to spend 10,000 – 20,000 on a Smartphone, then check this list.
I will go through some of the best midrange Smartphone that you can get locally in Kenya or even import them.

Huawei Ascend W1 (4afrika)

This is one of the pioneer windows phone in Kenya. This phone comes with a 4 inch LCD capacitive screen. Some of its outstanding feature that I would consider buying the phone for is its 5MP camera that supports touch focus and face recognition. Huawei ascend w1 is powered by a 1.2GHz dual core processor to run your applications smoothly. It also has 4GB internal memory storage. One of the strongholds of this feature phone is its long lasting 1730mAh battery that can go for 10 hours on talk time. Other features include front vga camera, 512 MB ram, 21 Mbps HSDPA 3g connectivity, Adreno 305 GPU for those interested in playing games; this phone doesn’t come with a radio though. For people intending to install few and necessary applications the 4GB storage will handle this comfortably considering the price of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Trend

Galaxy trend is a midrange Smartphone by Samsung that boasts of good features to outshine other brands that are competing for midrange phones. Its powered by a 1GHZ processor and runs on Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system. This phone is retailing at safaricom shops at 18,399/=.In terms of memory it has lesser memory of 768MB ram and 4GB rom. This may slow it down a little bit as most smart phones have a 1GB ram these days. Its 4 inch display makes it view photos and browsing very comfortably. The 5MP camera can also produce very good photos with auto focus available. This phone comes on color variations of black or white. Note there are two models the Samsung Galaxy trend S7560 and S7572 (3.15MP camera, 1.2 GHz Duo core processor). Other features include wi-fi, 3G HSDPA with up to 7.2Mbps, expandable up to 32GB microSD, 1500mAh battery and Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0 connectivity via Samsung kies.

HTC desire 200

It’s designed to give the best music experience using the Beats audio and htc headset. Music lovers are gonna love this phone, besides that it’s a powerful midrange Smartphone powered by a 1 GHz qualcom processor with 512 ram and 4GB rom. The screen size is 3.15 inches with a 165ppi pixel density.HTC desire 200 packs a 5.0MP intuitive camera with technology to recognize smiling faces and take a photo even without pushing the button. That’s cool ?.Other cool features include the HTC data manager that helps to keep your data plan on track. Its browser is also responsive and adjusts websites to fit well on its screen. Other features are HSDPA 7.2Mbps 3G connectivity, microSD up to 32GB,Beats audio sound enhancement, Bluetooth 4.0,wi-fi and USB 2.0.Compared to Sony Xperia Tipo it beats the tipo on the camera. The HTC desire 200 goes for around 15,200/= in Kenya.

Nokia Lumia 520

This phone is one of the first entry level windows 8 phones introduced by Nokia. It comes with pretty good features starting with its 8GB internal storage. Lumia 520 is powered by a 1GHz duo-core snapdragon processor to run your windows application smoothly. Its 512MB ram also performs well with windows 8 and you will not experience hanging or sluggish performance. Compared to the Huawei Ascend W1 that I talked about earlier it’s twice big in terms of memory with an 8GB rom. You can install many applications before it gets full. It has a 5MP camera takes excellent photos during the day but at night it will depend on lighting since it doesn’t come with flash. The camera has a feature to switch between different lenses by Nokia, means you can play around with different modes on photos. The phone is retailing in Kenya for around ksh17,000/=.Other features include Bluetooth 3.0,1430 mAh battery with up to 14hrs of talk time on 2G,7GB free SkyDrive cloud storage, GPS, Fm radio and 21MBps HSDPA connection on 3G.

LG optimus L5

This midrange Smartphone is part of a series of LG phones the came with different features to distinguish the L series pricing; that is Optimus L3, L5 and L7.We are not going to delve into LG optimus L3 and L7.Now the LG optimus is powered by an 800Mhz cortex-A5 processor and runs on Android 4.0(ice cream sandwich).That doesn’t make it any slower since it has a 512MB ram. It also has a 4GB internal memory to install all your favorite apps. The major distinct features to this phone are; its 4.0 inch capacitive touch screen display. Also it has a powerful 5.0MP camera with panorama view and LED flash that comes in handy at night. Remember it doesn’t support the front camera though. It also has an inbuilt Webkit browser that supports TAB browsing and HTML 5, which means you can switch between different open WebPages as you browse. This phone will be retailing at ksh15, 000/= in Kenya. By now it should have gone down. Other features of the optimus L5 include microSD up to 32GB, HSDPA 7.2Mbps, Wi-fi, GPU Adreno 200, GPS, FM radio and a 1500mAh battery with 9hrd of talk time while browsing on 3G networks. The phone also comes in two variations the Single sim and the Dualsim version.

Tecno Phantom A f7

Tecno is taking Africa by storm in terms of low budget and midrange Smartphone. At first people were skeptical about them but they have taken a firm grip on Kenya’s market share for android phones. The Tecno phantom A(F7) is one of its answer to expensive smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S II , S3 or the likes of HTC one. At only ksh19, 000/= around $220 this phone packs a mean features such as a 5” inch touch display and a Dual core processor of 1 GHz speed. The resolution on the screen may not be that crisp and clean compared to a Galaxy S3 but it’s not bad either. The phone has a 1GB ram and 4GB internal ROM that has a 2.5GB user available memory. Its camera is a whooping 8.0MP autofocus, digital zoom and HD video recording capability. It runs on Android 4.1.1 jelly bean operating system. Just like other smart phones it has a front 1.2MP camera. Most of the android applications come pre-installed on this phone such as Opera mini, Adobe PDF reader, Chrome and an optional MS-office suite via premium upgrade. Other features of this awesome phone include up to 21Mbps download speeds, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, built in GPS with support for Google maps, Free 8GB memory card and a battery of 2100mAh.Almost forgot it also comes with a powerpack battery, this means you can recharge the phone when you don’t have access the main electricity source using the battery.

Sony Xperia Tipo

Sony Xperia Tipo is medium range Smartphone with almost all features that make up a good Smartphone. With a 3.2 inch capacitive screen display of 180pixels its display is crisp and clean. It’s powered by an 800 MHz Cortex-A5 processor and a 512MB ram. It also comes with a 2.9GB internal memory with 2.5GB ready for user installed applications. It comes with music applications loaded inbuilt and runs android 4 ice cream sandwich operating system. Experience the Xloud audio filter technology by Sony while you listen to your favorite music. Most of Sony Xperia cameras are very powerful, and the same goes for this 3.15MP camera that has a 4x digital zoom capability. Other features include an Adreno GPU, HSDPA at 7.2Mbps, wi-fi, GPS, stereo FM obviously, HTML and Adobe flash ready browser and a battery of 1500mAh.Since most Sony Xperia smart phones are expensive this is your midrange at only ksh16, 000/=. Around $186.This phone is available at Sony authorized dealers in Kenya such as Ansuma Electronics ltd

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make way for greatness

This is my first time blogging. I’ve never done this before but thanks to my favorite employer I get this incredibly, freaking unbelievable, awesome opportunity to do what I do best, write. Well, I already made a couple of few rookie mistakes on my first day, I’m learning. Yeah, laugh it out all you want. Sticks and stones won’t break me, not in the literal sense of course. All in all, I’m glad I’m here.  You will all be seeing more of me in the254blogspot. Thank you

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Some of my favorite Novels i enjoy reading

The last two months I have decided to reduce the rate at which I watch movies or series, so am reading novels now. Books are more detailed compared to movies. Most movies actually are as a result of a novel or sequel. Take for instance movies such as Angels & Demons, Bourne Ultimatum, The client, The Godfather and many more. Most of the movies have been made based on the books.

When it comes to novels John Grisham is one hell of a good writer. The first book I read is The Firm. Now the firm is a very interesting story about a Harvard lawyer, who get’s hired on the Firm. If you have watched and enjoyed The Firm Season 1 then it shouldn’t come as a surprise the book is even more detailed than the TV series.

The firm is one of John Grisham’s first works and was published in 1991. For a short glimpse about the book, it revolves around Mitch Mcdeere a young and brilliant lawyer who is ready to start practicing Taxation law. He gets hired by a small but rich law firm that little is known about. The firm is strict about who they hire and run background checks before hiring lawyers. Most of the lawyers are straight from Harvard. Mitch Mcdeere inquisitive nature leads him to discover that his employer is running dirty deals for a powerful Mafia family. Mitch digs in into the firm to try to unearth the truth with the help of the FBI. Get the book to find out what happens when the firm identifies Mitch as the mole selling information to the FBI.

The second book I have read is the Hunger games, based on the book the Hunger Games, I didn’t manage to watch the hunger games. But my friends tell me the movie was not worth all the hype. But I understand you can’t cover a whole book in a movie.

 The hunger games is based on story about an apocalyptic era where hunger games consists of a selection of competitors called Tributes who participate in a battle to death. The winner takes the crown. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta are the major attraction and will battle out with other tributes from other cities. Katniss uses her hunting skills to survive. It’s a very interesting adventure, action and science fiction type of novel. Hunger games is the first novel on the hunger games trilogy which is followed by Catching Fire and then mocking Jay all adapted from the first book. Once you read the hunger games you will understand what the mocking jay is.

Fifty shades of grey, not your average adventure or action novel  this book is based on a young college senior student named Ana who meets Christian a rich and good looking CEO on an interview. Ana is covering for Kate her best friend who is not feeling well. She gets attracted to Christian during the interview only for Christian to appear at her workplace. After finishing her exam Ana, Kate and Jose go to the club to celebrate. She ends up drunk dialing Christians who later comes and picks her and takes her to his house. Christian is not the normal romantic, flower kind of guy; they get intimate and agree to have a relationship based on BDSM (Google that it’s hard to explain). To cut the story short this is an interesting erotic story kind of novel. I enjoyed reading although am not planning to read the next book on this Fifty shades Trilogy. The book is going to be made to a movie soon.

The Poet by Michael Connelly is a story about a crime reporter whose cop brother suicide death elicits an investigation of a string of murders. Jack McEvoy is the only guy who thinks that his brother’s death was not a suicide. After unearthing the killer’s pattern by the Poem and notes left jack together with FBI agents start tracking the killer who is very careful. The killer targets cops who are working on homicide cases, he kills them to make it look like a suicide after the cops fail to find the culprits. I couldn’t stop reading this book. I would describe it as a novel with a suspense and turn of events. If your into investigative and crime thriller novels then you should look for this novel.

Lastly am reading Gone tomorrow by Lee Child to be honest am still trying to figure out the book as I haven’t gone very far. But the story is already building up and becoming better.

So there you have it guys if you know of any interesting novels that you have read or would recommend. Probably Crime thrillers, Drama, Action are my favorites. Leave a comment here.

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Lupita Nyong'o the stylish and talented kenyan Actor photos

Lupita Nyong’o is going to put Kenya on the map for appearing on 12 years a slave. Lupita plays the role of Patsey a hardworking slave, picking cotton. Not many Kenyans have hit such a mark when it comes to appearing on movies with an 8.1 rating on IMDB.12 days years a slave depicts the way things used to be during slavery era. The movie is directed by Steve McQueen and produced by Brad Pitt.

The main star is Solomon Northup played by Chiwetel Ejiofor a black man who is abducted while living a normal live in New-york. He is then taken to New Orleans to work as a slave in a cotton plantation. Solomon ability to play the violin makes him popular and he gets noticed by the sheriff and later is released.

 Lupita plays her role very well as a gentle woman with affection from Solomon. "I wanted to that character justice and represent her with dignity and agency as best as I could and I hope I do that," said Nyong'o holding back her tears. Lupita Nyong’o is the daughter of Kenyan Professor and politician Anyang Nyong’o. Her father is definitely proud of her.

She was born in Mexico while when her father was on exile but is Kenyan. There have been rumors online labeling her as Mexican but even I know she’s is 100% Kenyan. She has also featured on the famous MTV produced series of Shugaa where she also played her role very well.

Other actors who have put Kenya to the limelight are Eddie Githegi who plays Laurent a vampire who feasts on human blood on Twilight. Lupita Nyong’o has been nominated for Best breakthrough actor on the Gotham Awards and New Hollywood Films awards which she won.

Check out Lupita Nyong’o style as it has evolved since she starred on 12 years a slave. She has penchant for designer clothes going by the photos.Plus her toned body makes the clothes fit very well.Now this is what i call good sense of style on another level.But DO I SAY!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tragic accident between a train and a bus in Umoja Mutindwa road

Umoja residents have woken up to a sad morning after a train collided with a bus at Mutindwa Market.The umoja bus crash accident happened after the bus was caught up on traffic and was not able to evade the train.Umoinner buses have been plying the buru buru route to avoid traffic jam at Donholm roundabout.
6 people so far have been confirmed dead and many others injured.

Umoinner buses that ferry people from Umoja Nairobi area have recently been involved in accidents causing people to speculate that they are affiliated to Illuminati.Now you can say anything folks but we need our drivers to sober up and learn from the loss of lives that takes place everyday in Kenya.The train has a fixed schedule to pick people at Mutindwa market and its no surprise that bus ought to have given way to the train first.
I have never understood how so many accident happen and i mean on a daily basis, innocent Kenyans losing lives due to either roadworthy vehicles, over speeding, reckless drunk drivers and roads. We can only hope for journey mercies going by the way things are.This accident could have happened to a matatu or even a private vehicle.

My final say is a rule has to be made that no car crosses the railway line 10 minutes before the train passes, also they have to think and redesign the whole set up on that intersection.
We wish all casualties quick recovery and Rest in peace to the fallen passengers.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Teacher Wanjiku funniest comic in Nairobi

She came she saw she conquered!! That’s the new definition of Wanjiku the Teacher. Caroline Wanjiku aka Teacher Wanjiku is one of the Top comedians on Churchill show that have risen in the shortest time. Her witty jokes will crack your ribs like no one else. Previously comedy has been dominated by Men the likes of former Redykulas crew and intrukalas including Churchill himself. Teacher Wanjiku has elevated the Churchill show by making it even more popular. You don’t wanna miss her lessons. How many people can make you laugh with only a chalk and a piece of a board? Her style of comedy is very unique and easy to relate to.

Teacher Wanjiku started doing her thing at the Heartstrings theater by appearing on a play titled 43rd Kenyan tribe. She got her big break on Churchill show after her YouTube video got a massive 200,000 views on YouTube after the first show. Since then her videos on YouTube titled Teacher Wanjiku Lessons have gotten a big viewership.

Airtel Kenya was quick to notice her talent and she has signed up a multi million deal with Airtel as their face for the 2 bob across all network Campaign. Her photos are all over on billboards and on TV ads which I think has also boasted her resume in the Comedy industry. Just like Eric Omondi started. Some people think she has replaced Omondi’s popularity on Churchill show. Personally I tune in just to watch her finalize and close the show.

Beside that Teacher Wanjiku is a proud parent of a young daughter who happens to be also her number one fan.
She also recently launched a website where you can learn more about her comedy and shows. The website has a twitter feed to follow her activities, photo gallery and some of her jokes.
Stay tuned for more..Kaa Lada…ALama ya duku duku!!!

Anthony Hamilton is in Kenya for Tusker Lite Experience

R&B and Neo Soul singer Anthony Hamilton is in Nairobi for the Tusker Lite Experience that will be held at Carnivore on 19th October. Anthony Hamilton came to fame with his single Coming where I’m from off his second album Coming Where I’m from in 2003.He has 11 albums in total starting with Nobody Else(1996),Coming where I’m from(2003),Soullife(2005)Ain’t nobody Worrying(2006),The point of it all(2008),Back to love(2011) and many more.
Anthony was music is influence by Gospel songs after all he started singing in the church. He has collaborated with artistes such as Tupac, Jadakiss, Young Jeezy and Macy Gray. If you planning to go to the concert embrace yourself for some cool RnB and Soul music tunes. This is music for grown folks. I happen to listen to Anthony’s Hamilton music and I got to say it’s sweet to the ears, calm and collected music.

I have to applaud the guys behind the Tusker lite Experience for bringing big shots in the RnB industry previously such as Johnny Gill, Joe Thomas, Donell Jones and Erykah Badu.

 This is one show that lovers and especially the ladies are gonna like. The show starts at 6.00pm.
Normal tickets for the event go for ksh4000/= and VIP tickets ksh7,500/= available at Nakumatt Junction,Nakumatt Mega,Nakumatt Village market and Dormans.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Club 20 airtel cheapest bundle in kenya

I came across one of the cheapest data bundle plan in Kenya at the moment just the other day - Airtel Club 20 tosha bundle. I got to say it's economical and efficient. We all know Kenyans love for cheap internet, some even prefer free internet using unscrupulous ways like proxies. If you are a single day average internet user then the Airtel Kenya club 20 is you best bet.It comes with 100mb and 20 free sms.Subscribing to the offer is quite simple you just dial

*120# >>select option 1>> subscribe to club 20 100mb of data and 20 sms.

The only catch with this offer is that it runs from time of subscription to midnight 12pm.Comparing it with orange Kenya’s daily unlimited that goes for 50sh with a FUP of 100mb(that means after reaching 100mb the speeds reduce to 64kbps).I have used both services before and i prefer Airtel club 20 bundle compare to orange daily unlimited. So most people don't trust Airtel's services but i can vouch for this one. Note after exhausting the 100mb given the account runs on pay as you go plan, meaning it starts using your main account.
This is a good offer comparing the price of 100mb on all three mobile service providers.

Safaricom 80mb             100ksh
Airtel 80mb                    100ksh
Orange Kenya 100mb    100ksh

as you can see both Safaricom and airtel Kenya don't even have 100mb package. The airtel club 20 bundle can be used on your phone or your modem. You can give it a trial.

Breaking Bad finale Episode was the bomb

Am a breaking bad die hard fan and I got to say I was kinda disappointed that it came to an end.But every good thing reaches an end point. i watched Breaking bad last episode, it was one hell of anticipation all through. If you haven't watched the series you should be looking for it ASAP. With ratings of 9.5 from IMDB you bet its worth the title of one of the best series of all time. The finale episode of breaking bad was filled with suspense and different turn of events. Jesse Pinkman worked against Walter white trying to revenge for the attempted poisoning of his girlfriend's son. I thought he would realize that all the time it was Walter's plan to do that to save the day.

I have watched many series but breaking bad top it all from the Cast. Especially Saul Goodman the lawyer, “better call Saul”, “If you're committed enough, you can make any story work. I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it” - Saul Goodman .The only time Saul didn't have a solution to crisis was when he advised Walter to go MIA. For those who have not watched the show yet I don't want to dish some spoilers to you guys. A good TV series consists of suspense and living you anxious for the next dramatic thing to happen. But be warned there will be many casualties on this final episode of breaking bad.

 Even though I was pissed by some of Walters antics on this final episode of breaking bad, like for instance the part where Jesse Pinkman and Hank(DEA boss) set up Walter by sending him a photo suggesting they had found the stash of money Walter hid in the desert. I think Walter was not smart enough to rush first to the scene. All through it has been very hard to corner the guy and he has always played smart and cautious. Anyway overall the plot played well at the end I was happy he managed to revenge and get back to the guys who stole his money. Now that breaking bad is over I will be waiting for the return of Game of thrones season 4 on 2014.Currently I want to continue watching Homeland. Check out other series I like here.
Bye folks

Friday, 20 September 2013

10 actors following their Famous Parents Actors footsteps

Clint Eastwood – Is the son of the famous actor Clint Eastwood. The 27 year old actor got the looks and charm from his father. Clint stars in the following upcoming movies the Perfect Wave, Dawn Patrol and Fury. He will star alongside actors’ such as Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. The actor appeared recently on Town & Country photo shoot.
Jaden Smith – Will smith’s son got introduced to showbiz when he starred alongside his father in the pursuit of happiness back in 2006.From there onwards he has gone ahead to appear in billboard movies such as Karate kid playing the character of a young kid learning kungfu in china. He also recently made appeared on after earth together with his father. The movie did not perform very well on the market

Rumer mills – Daughter to Die hard movies actor Bruce Willis together with Demi Moore. Rumer mills started acting at young age in the movie Now and Then. She has also starred in other movies such as Hostage (2005), 90210 TV series, striptease and many more.

Colin Hanks – Is the son of famous actor Tom Hanks. He is best known for appearing in the TV series good guys as Jack bailey. He has also starred in other tv series such as Roswell, The O.C, Kingkong, orange county e.t.c

Keifer Sutherland – He is best known for one of the greatest TV series 24 as Jack Bauer in 2007.He is the son of Donald Sutherland who is a legendary actor. He continues to amaze by appearing in recent movies at his age. I bet he gives his son a bet for his money. I mostly remember him for the role he played on Italian Job together with Jason Stathman. Keifer Sutherland has also appeared on other great movies such as mirrors, phonebooth, Touch the TV series e.t.c

Zoe kravitz – is the daughter of the rocker musician Lenny Kravitz. She has appeared alongside Cathrine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart in No reservations (2007) and also on X-men first class. Other movies include assassination of a high school president starring Bruce willis. She also appeared on a couple of episodes on Californication.

Lily Collins – is the daughter of famous musician Phil Collins with his first wife. She started in modeling then started acting. She has starred on movies such as The blind side (2009), Mirror Mirror and priest. Lily’s looks have ranked her on different magazines for Sexiest female such as Maxim and people magazine.

Dakota Johnson – Dakota Johnson is daughter to Don Johnson who starred in the late 80s series Miami Vice. Her big break came on the year 2010 on the film adapted from Facebook (The social network) alongside Justin Timberlake. Other movies on her list include; beastly, 21 jump street and the series Ben and Kate. Before getting into the movie industry she modeled for different companies such as Mango brand of jeans.

Kate Hudson - I still remember her on the movie How to lose a guy in 10 days alongside Matthew McConaughey.Kate‘s remarkable smile and character has helped he appear in movies such as My best friends girl. I liked this movie. Kate Hudson is the daughter of legendary actor Goldie Jean Hawn famous for the movie Death becomes her. Her mother was also equally talented at one time working as a professional ballet dancer. Other movies by Kate Hudson include fool’s gold, you me and Dupree and the Bride wars.

Kristopher Van Varenberg – Is the son of famous martial arts actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Kristopher has followed his father’s footstep and appeared as young jean claude van damme in movies such as Universal Soldier, the quest. Other movies include Universal soldier regeneration, soldiers, Derailed (very nice movies if you hop on this blog please check it out).Besides acting he is an animal rights activists and enjoys reading.

Other notable actors who have following their parent actors footsteps include Chris pine(star trek),Bryce Dallas Howard, Scott can, Sophia coppola, Josh Brolin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey jnr, Ben stiller and Charlie sheen.

Leave your comments with other actors not included on this list.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Backup Whatsapp contacts using hotmail exchange sync account

Backup Whatsapp contacts using hotmail exchange sync account

Using your Microsoft live account or Hotmail account you can add and manage contacts in a very systematic and neat way. This includes your phone numbers, emails, address and others. The contacts can later be loaded to your Whatsapp contact list for synchronization or back up purposes.

Steps on how to create the contacts

1.The first thing you need to do is log in to your hotmail account and go to the people Tab.

2.Go to new or add contact. Then fill in the details of the contacts you want to add i.e. Name, phone number and email. NB:You can also import from a csv file if you will. Then finally save the contact

3.Go to Whatsapp application on your mobile phone and choose add contacts then go to accounts and sync. Then choose add account and select corporate. You will get an option to add an Exchange account. Type your full email address and password and click next.

4.What follows is an account set up for your exchange account to be synched with Whatsapp contacts. For the domain\username type your full hotmail account e.g. then server change from to sure to select use secure connection(SSl) and click Next to finish

5.If it’s successful you will then go to the next page and select what you want to be synced. You can choose to only sync the contacts leaving out Sync email and Sync Calendar.

6.Go back to Whatsapp and the contacts should start synching and loading on your contact list.

The advantages of using the method

1.You can export the backup file to a CSV file to excel

2.You don’t have to worry of lost contacts in case you lose your phone contacts to replace them on a new whatsapp installation on for your android phone

3.Contacts are automatically synched to your hotmail when added either from Whatsapp interface(phone) or from your mail account

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Top 10 android Free applications and Utilities for a New android phone

Top 10 android Free applications and Utilities for a New android phone

Astro File manager/Browser
One of the best file manager for android phones in the market.Astro File manager come browser 4.2.463 can be used to manage files on your phone and synchronise your files over multiple cloud storage services such as Dropbox,sykdrive,google drive and the likes.It also works as a Media gallaries for your photos with very clear view.Another very good feature is the ability to Copy and move your files accross folders on your phones or PC.You can also view different formats of files using the application such as Zip/Tar files.For more about the app visit check it here

Bible App
One of the most downloaded apps in the world.The bible android app is completely free.It comes with different version of the bible such us KJV,NIV e.t.c.My favorite is the amplified version.SOme of the features that make it useful are Highlighting scriptures,bookmarks and you can also make notes as you read.It also has numerous reading plans for daily devotion.With the lates version of the Bible  app ver 4.3.5 you can download offline version to read when you don't have internet connection.All you need to do is create an accout with Youversion and get started. Check it on play store link

Maxthon Browser
Looking for a phone browser thats fast,secure and smart then check out Maxthon Cloud Browser.It works well to sync your browsing session on different devices i.e your PC,Tablet, and android Phone.You can resume your tabs from where you left off during the last session.It also supports cloud storage download meaning your downloads via the browser are safely stored and can be accessed later.Other features include add-ons support like RSS feed,task killer,file manager e.t.c.YOu can also switch from Destop view(www) to WAP view easily.Its also resizes your pages to fit the different devices used.Check it on play store link

Protecting your android phone or tablet is a must.Avast free mobile security protects your phone from Virus,Malware and spyware.With the many android apps being developed its always good to scan them before installing them, and avast lets you do that by scanning the memory card and phone memory.Another feature is its Anti theft and lock that can be used to remotely lock your device incase you want to keep your data safe.YOu can also use it to block numbers you don't want contact from.Check it on play store link

Is a free english dictionary app that gives you meaning for phrases words and even voice pronounciation for differnet words.Check it on play store link

TuneIn Radio
Bored with your normal radio stations availabel on you android Fm radio.Get TuneIn radio and access more than 70,000 live radio stations all over the world.Lets you choose from different genres from Spots,news,comedy,RnB,Hip hop etc.You can also share the current radio session of Facebook or twitter.check out TuneInradio 8.0

I bet everyone should be using these application for daily communication and chat with your friends.One of the best messengers in the market overtaking Skype and yahoo messengers in the market.The good thing its absolutel free,if $0.99/year is too much for you.Its supported on almost all android Phones.With Whatsapp you can share Videos,phots,voice notes with friends seamlessly.I will not talk much about it but one feature that i like about it is you can load your contact from your Hotmail or Microsoft exchange account anytime you upgrade to a new android phone.I will later talk about it.Check it on play store link

Is the number one free apps that helps you keep upto date and stay organized.You can write ideas,capture notes,photos and keep a to-do list in the best systematic way.It also has the abiltiy to sync and share files.The premium version has more features such as taking notebooks offline for future access.If you are keen on planning for meetings,keeping memos,even grocery lists then you shouldn't miss this awesome application.Check it on play store link

Following the closure of Google Reader the official RSS reader now you can read and manage your RSS feeds using Feedly.Now you can follow all your favorite blogs using your device.It works well with 4" phone and 7" tablets.Don't forget you can also sync your former google reader feeds and import them.Check it on the play store link

Other applications that i have left out but are popular and you all know about include Facebook for android,Instagram,Iplayer from BBC,Winamp for playing music,Talking Tom,Dropbox for sharing files,Skype for communication, Tapatalk for connecting to your favorite forums e.t.c

Saturday, 20 April 2013

10 reasons why you should get a Gmail or Google account

If you haven’t gotten a Gmail or Google account you should rush and get one ASAP. A Gmail account will give you access to many services and applications that Google offers. I was one day just like you, with only a Yahoo account, am not trying to blow the trumpet for Google because all of you use it on a daily basis to do searches on almost everything. Some very weird search phrases. When they say you can find almost everything you imagine of in the internet. I believe its very much possible.
Besides using Google for such I will show you some of the major useful services that you can use to make use of your Google account some that you know and some that you never knew.

Gmail is email service for Google for sending and receiving mails. When you sign up for a Gmail account you get access to almost all Google services. So these should be your first step.

Free service for chatting with your friends on you Gmail friend list. You can download the PC version to just like the Yahoo messenger. The best part about Gtalk is that you can chat and send SMS for free to mobile numbers of your contacts.

3.Google reader
Google reader is an RSS feed services that delivers feeds from websites and blogs that you follow. Unfortunately Google is facing off the service; I wish I never included it here because am also going to feel the loss. You can read blog posts on Google reader on updates on websites that you follow without leaving the page.

4.Google drive
Google’s platform for sharing and storing documents. Upload and download files from anywhere by logging in to Google drive or installing the application on you computer. The best part of Google drive is when installed on a computer it synchronizes the documents on the Google drive folder on my documents and keeps all the documents up to date. Maximum storage offered is 5GB.

Free blogging platform from Google. Best free blogging tools that you can get from the internet after wordpress. Blogger gives you the power to blog and produce content. I also use it and would recommend it. It’s very easy to set up and manage even for none tech savvy people. You can later purchase a private domain to gain more authority.

6.Google chrome
Ever wondered what the fastest browser is. Look no further. Google chrome is one of the fastest and trendiest browsers in the market. I have come to like the browser due to its chrome webstore applications that are accessible after logging in. It also has a variety of themes to enhance the look and feel as you browse the internet. You can add all your favorites applications and games on the homepage.e.g  Dropbox,Need for speed,twitter,Evernote,Facebook,tweetdeck,angry birds e.t.c

7.Google playstore
central market place for movies, music, magazines and Android applications. You can find all the latest applications being developed for android phones both free and retail.

8.Google docs
Google docs is an online version for accessing your documents. Mostly word processing documents excel worksheets or presentations on PowerPoint. it can be very frustrating when you want to open a Microsoft word document and the computer doesn't have it installed, Google doc will enable you to copy the documents and in some instances edit them. Also viewing the documents.

9.Google Picasa

is a Photo sharing service by Google that lets you upload, tag, and share photos. To access the service you need to have signed up with Google + for a free account. You can organize you photos in albums. It also gives you the option to edit the photos. Another advantage is you can link to the photos from your Picasa albums on blog posts or on your websites.

10.Other includes YouTube – video sharing service by Google and one of the most popular in the market.
Google maps – For checking geographical location and directions. Maps will give you a point to point direction on the routes you can take from Point A to B
Google shopping – online shopping place to trade and purchase merchandize.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Latest Kenyan local music videos on my playlist

Latest Kenyan local music videos on my playlist.

Well I haven’t been listening to a lot of local Kenyan songs in the recent past. I realized so much in terms of Kenyan local music has passed. Not because there are no good songs or artiste, well Kenyan artist are very unpredictable. Most of them being one hit wonder. My question is are they really into music or are they just trying to test the waters and see if the reception will be good then continue with their careers. It’s a competitive and tough world in to make it in the Kenyan music industry. Especially living off your career from the money made from music sales is not even realistic. We love free things and don’t value the effort the musician put to their music to produce, shoot videos and market their songs by pirating their songs had a very sad story about Rose muhando’s music video getting pirated in Muthurwa hours after shooting the video in our beloved country.
I think we have a long way to go to start buying records from our artistes and promoting the industry. But also the artistes need to up their game in terms of the quality of lyrics and videos. When I say lyrics I also mean the message they try to convey in their songs. Most songs that our artistes chuck can only hit in our backyard. Songs that rarely attract listeners from worldwide, But I have encountered local Kenyan songs that have very poor lyrics but very nicely done videos. I think there is a very big market for good lyricists in Kenya. If only we had our very own R. Kelly’s, NEYO, Alicia keys and Mariah Carrey’s. For me to get wooed by Kenyan music the artists got to up their lyrics by all means necessary. At least most videos being released right now are good compared to 2 or 3 years ago, big up all producers and those behind the videos.
Anyway I wanted to highlight some of the songs I have come across these week that I have kept re-playing some not because the lyrics are good or the videos are stunning but they can hold their own In the competition.
One of my favorite artistes is Wyre, his music and videos never disappoint. His latest collaboration with Juakali is called Khadija. Nice song and video check it out its brand new.Wyre ft Juacali - Khadija remix

These other one was also a mad tune is Dancehall party.i don't understand how these song didn't rule the charts.

P-Unit have also been consistent in chucking good songs. Well they have mastered their act and it seems to be doing well with the current generation of music lovers. I will not delve into their older songs which I also think were done very well. But You Guy was my favorite, read (the sexy models on the videos). Everybody has been talking about the bootylicious video vixen on the video. What’s her name?  Vee S  something. She packs quite some stronghold!!.Bottom line the video is good.

 The next video Fimbo chapa..i still don’t understand which fimbo they are talking about.
DNa is back in the music scene, reminds me of Banjuka that brought him to the scene.The song also has variety of artiste i guess from signed to grandpa records, the likes of Gangalito,QTY.etc

Tokelezea – just like its title the video and song tokelezead good. I have always listened to Abbas songs from way back since the days of K-South when they used to spit with Bamboo. These guys could have taken Kenyan hiphop far if they were consistent and stuck to that shit. Plus the beautiful ……??

The next video makes to the list by the fact that it was a tight collaboration of famous cats in the industry from Prezzo,nikki, wyre and the main man Abbas. Chapaa Remix - Prezzo,Wyre,Abbas,Nikki,Cannibal,DnG

To end my list i got to say Redsan’s latest song is a mad tune..For those who haven’t had of it its called Badder than most.Redsan is known to chuck nice videos with fly mamasilas. Am looking out for the video, which I expect to be amazing. Check out the audio

There you have it might not be the best songs but that’s what been playing on my screen these week.Looking out for more good Local songs and videos to come.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cinemax's New Original Action Series Banshee

I stumbled upon Cinemax's New Original Action Series banshee during the Easter holidays. I got to say it’s very interesting and captivating. I couldn’t leave the screen until I finished watching the 10 episodes.

Banshee is about an Ex-thief who is released from jail for stealing diamonds from his former boss. He is determined to find her accomplice and lover who got away with the loot. He gets word that the former flame run away to a distant town named Banshee to start a new life and family.

On a mission to find her he goes to banshee only for her to tell him that she doesn’t have the diamonds. This ex-thief will do everything to get back to her and the diamonds. Opportunity strikes and the Sheriff dies and he takes the identity of Lucas Hood the new sheriff in town. He must pretend to be the sheriff by apprehending criminals and bringing sanity to the town.

Banshee is full of violence and criminals such as the crime kingpin Kai Proctor who is ruthless in his shady businesses. Lucas hood has a tough job ahead trying to reclaim his lover and fighting crimes.

If you are looking for an action packed series similar to Strikeback which also happens to be a Cinemax's Action Series then you should check out for this series. It’s graced by different stars such as the beautiful Ivana Millevic who plays Anastasia, Young Rebecca bownan who also happens to be Proctors niece. She lives two lives one pretending to be religious to her family but still finding time to dish the goods to Lucas hood on his sex escapades.check out more TV series here

I won’t let you know of everything that happen just check it out for yourself.

The show is rated 8.1 out of 10 by IMDB. Don’t forget this show is rated so be ready for some very steamy scenes and serious action.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Success comes to those who dare to act

Success often comes to those who dare to act. It seldom goes to the timid who
are ever afraid of the consequences." - Jawaharlal Nehru

The word here is “ACT”, don’t let fear cloud your plans or ideas that you willing to execute. I know it’s not easy especially if you think that it’s not going to be successful; but what would you lose in failing to act and having the fear to TRY. Today make it your goal to act on plans, resolutions, relationships and any other things that you have been timid about. Even apostles if you read the bible were known for the acts,people who lead by actions and everything they did was a success.Just close your eyes and open them and decide to do that task that you have been postponing. Have a great Tuesday Folks

Monday, 25 March 2013

If it's good it's worth working for it

"Anything in life worth having is worth working for." - Andrew Carnegie

It’s Monday yet another Monday; let’s start the week with enthusiasm and energy. Why not change the norm. Many people say that Mondays are the worst days but that’s just a notion in the mind. It’s just a day that you can choose to shine and be limitless. Make it worthwhile and whatever is it that you want to achieve there is no miracle. The greatest miracle is taking action by getting started. I just started my day how about you? Have a fruitful week ahead

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The power of failure by PK Nemayian

The power of failure is irrefutable.Failure has been dreaded through generations, though it is the measure of ones success.
A mistake remains to be one if one repeats a specific action expecting a different result,
though in the first count of the "mistakes",a mistake is simply a different way of doing things.

Most of the time these negative energies that perfect our minds are at the closest of proximity: our parents in childhood, friends and teachers in school – I mean they define what is eventually called a failure in our lives

It's proven a task to overlook failures though once overcome, one grows to a refined yet complex being and in pursuit of their future they've unlocked so many other doors to the people they come across. All this happens in the event of adverse situations, difficulties and unresolved challenges; I mean who thinks when all is well? If anything a challenge in life or the so called failure is the first indicator of promotion, growth ,change and eventually success.

So where exactly do we miss the point? well the first thing you need is to ignore all that's in the physical( what you see and here) because its all determined by your thoughts. Positive mental energies in this case have a rippling effect on ones behavior , habits character and eventually the outcome of the initial thought to overcome failure is conceived hence resulting in pursuit our destiny.

focus and goal orientation are contributing factors to successful people,the difference is the opportunity in the challenge. successful people create a niche that only they can survive in for they dare and pursue the impossible they dwell on creation in their minds.

thus acknowledging failure is a fragment of be continued

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Checklist to buying a laptop

The processor determines the speed you will get out of your laptop. Depending on what you are planning to use the laptop for; if you want to use the laptop for complex activities such as Video editing, crunching numbers, playing games ,Graphic design using high end programs such as Adobe CS6 programs you need a very powerful and fast processor
A core i3, core i5 or core 2 duo Intel processors will do these comfortably. If you are not planning on spending a lot of money you can as well go for Intel Celeron or AMD processors. These low budget processors can do tasks such as blogging, watching movies, typing etc. The speed range between 2.0- 3.0ghz.
Memory –
The memory of the laptop that is also called RAM will determines the speed for loading programs thus affecting the performance. I recommend getting a bigger memory if you can afford it. Memory chips range from 2GB – 5GB depending on your budget. The advantage with laptops RAM is the flexibility to upgrade unlike processors. You can get fend up of your 1GB and upgrade with 2GB.The RAM is also very affordable to upgrade. A laptop with a big ram can load programs faster and support more Newer software that are being developed everyday i.e. the latest Windows 8 Operating system.
Graphics and Sound
A graphics card is a chip that comes embedded on the laptop to boast the video memory and improve the quality when watching high resolutions graphics I.e. videos, photos and games. Most laptops come with video graphics such as ATI Radeon HD(high definition) or Nvidia Geforce 8400.This basic graphics card will handle games that don’t require a very big memory as they come with memory ranging from 128MB – 256Mb. Remember these is memory of the graphics card.
Most laptops will come with HD audio internal sound card you won’t need to upgrade. For gamers who run heavy games you must invest on a good laptop with very good graphics card.
Hard Disk
The hard drive will determine the price for a laptop too. The bigger the hard disk the pricier it gets. If you intend to store a lot of information on your laptop you might consider getting a laptop with at least 500GB of space. If you don’t mind the size of the HDD then a laptop with 160GB – 320 GB will do the job. You can also opt for buying an external harddrive later; they come in different sizes from 160GB to 2 terabytes. You can always upgrade the hard disk if you feel that you are running out of space on your computer. If you one to store Movies, Music albums, Tutorials etc. consider getting a bigger hard disk.

Screen Size
The screen size will determine the ability of your laptop to display videos or photos on your laptop. For normal activity a laptop with 14.0’ inch to 15.4’ will do the job. But if you are looking into other uses for the machine such as Gaming, displaying Forex trade  data, watching Movies and Video editing etc.  You may need to get a bigger screen i.e. 15.6’ to 17’ inch wide screens. The only thing that you will have to bear in mind is that the screen size directly corresponds to the size and portability of the laptop.
Other laptop accessories included in checklist to buying a laptop
Wireless Connectivity
These comes with most of laptops i.e. 802.1 wireless networking (WI-FI), most laptops will have it displayed on the front face of the laptop with the wireless sign. The cards range from 802.11a, 802.11g and 802.11 Draft N wireless standards. Some laptops also support Bluetooth networking and file transfer. You can use Bluetooth dial up connection to connect your laptop to the internet or transfer data.
Built in Webcam
Built in webcam on the screen is also another useful accessory that you should include for doing Skype, Video chatting, or taking photos. Most webcams have low resolutions and cannot be used to take good quality photos.
Optical Drive
Check to confirm that the laptop has a DVD ± RW that can Write or Burn data on DVDs.
If you happen to have blue ray movies you might need a optical drive that can read blue ray disks. If you want the drive to serve you longer avoid using the writer to watch or burn movies a lot as these will wear it out early by spoiling the optical reader. If possible get an external DVD writer they are available too.
Card Reader
Most laptops these days come with an internal inbuilt card reader allowing you to transfer data via Memory cards. You can transfer your phones or camera memory card content to the compute directly to your laptop
The battery is a very vital when buying a laptop since it keeps the laptop working when it’s not connected to a power source. A good laptop should be able to conserve the power for many hours without connecting to a power source. Gets a battery that has a cell ranging from 4cell to 6 cell.
There you have it.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rihanna hints on having baby with Boyfriend Chris Brown

The diamonds singer has been pictured in the recent past together with boyfriend Chris brown. And things seem to be looking up after Chris also admitted to having done the wrong thing to her in which she apologized and was forgiven. Recently she has posted a suggestive photo on twitter of Chris Brown holding her as they celebrated her 25th birthday.

During a recent interview with Elle magazine for April Edition she was quoted saying “I will probably have a kid. And I’m praying I can go on vacation for a good month. And I’ll have set some things up so I don’t have to tour for the rest of my life, even though I love touring. I want health and happiness in five years. I want to be healthy and happy.'
Rihanna’s stay single which has been on number seven on Billboard Hot 100 list for quite some time said that the song reflects on Love that’s very close to the heart and wishing that it can last. She also said that
“You don’t feel that with everybody so when you have it you don’t want to let it go of it. Most of the Songs actually that she has been releasing before they reconciled and started dating again with Chris Brown were a hint that she missed Chris Brown and wished to get him back to her life, for instance Where have you been all my life, Diamonds and Stay

She also talked during the Elle interview about her controversial twitter updates and affirmed that she is real as it can get, and there is no point in hiding what goes around, which I think is a very bold move...She was quoted saying “ Everybody wanted to know what was happening in my life. Is she a drug addict? No. Is she an alcoholic? No. Is she a victim? No. That’s when I got the gun [tattoo]. It was a symbol of strength. I’ll never be a victim.’
'That’s why I’m posting pictures of myself smoking pot, to tell the truth about myself. I’ve got so much to think about, why bring all this extra s*** by being dishonest?’
Rihanna’s Elle magazine is incredibly sexy, the photos also shows off her incredibly sexy body that most ladies hope for. I am sure Chris Brown must be one lucky guy to have beauty and talent all in the same package. The photos were shot in Paris by Marianno Vivanco.
One where Rihanna spots a catwoman look showing off her gun tattoo. She also rocked other designer by Maison, Martin Margiela, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy.
I think being in the limelight people tend to judge someone on every move they make. Rihanna and Chris brown are now grown and with experience on Love and heartbreaks. You can’t compare the time the ugly incident happened with now Chris was very young and Rihanna was madly in love with him.
Rihanna has said that she wants to do this right. We got a fresh start and I’m thankful for that. Now that we’re adults we can do this right. We got a fresh start and I’m thankful for that. Right now that’s just what we want, a great friendship that’s unbreakable.'
Everybody has a right to her freedom to choose and according to her twitter and instagram updates you will be shocked if you find her smoking joints sometimes in strip clubs, or in tiny weenie bikini frolicking on da beaches of Hawaii.

The only thing she said she is afraid of is her mother who came across leaked photos of her naked on the internet. This is what she had to say...”I’m not afraid of any person in this world but my mother. I’m terrified of her!
'She called me two days ago and reeled me in about two naked pictures Melissa [her best friend] put up on Instagram - a sneak-peek from a photo book she’s making about me. My mom, she went crazy on me.”

The singer also showcased her fashion collection line for River Island; she said that it doesn’t just appeal to the high fashion but also to the common street fashion. Rihanna’s designer is Adam sellman who also happens to clothes her on stage and on Music videos.

We hope to see her in more magazines this year.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Peaceful Proseperous Optimistic Kenya is what we look forward to on March 4

We heading to the general elections soon, we all know how last time it ended up ugly. If you proud of being called a Kenyan then you understand that we are not many tribes, but one tribe  Kenyans’ have never heard of anybody that goes in another country and markets his tribe or when asked where do you come from says Central, Coast or Nyanza. We are one Kenya and we will remain before and after elections. Let’s cast our votes wisely and peacefully.
Let’s understand that our leaders got their interests vested in the positions that they are vying for, what are your interests. We live together every day, work together, struggle together and share the joy and victories together.
Let’s vote reasonably and focus, I know most people vote because the leader is popular. Opinion polls have their jobs and trust me they thrive and get their daily bread from the Polls.
Think about the aftermath of elections. None of the leaders will pay your bills; invite you for lunch or thank you by giving you some favors. The Kenya that we always look for or dream of is determined by you and me. After all  the leaders come to get your votes because we are the determinant of our future.
Therefore don't blame the leaders when you go quarreling and fighting with your fellow Kenyans because they have different t views on who they will vote for.
Am looking forward to peaceful  march 4 elections. Am optimistic that we are in a much better state than the previous last general elections, am positive and will not encourage the thought of any post-election troubles.
Love + Peace + Happiness + Bright Kenya

KCSE 2012 results to be released soon

The kenya national  council of kenya have decided to release the kcse 2012 results on friday five days to the 2013 kenyan general elections.
These means candidates who sat for their exams will be receiving the results earlier than the normal time, precisely one week.
For me i see it reasonable to get the results earlier than the results for the Kenyan general elections.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things,
but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave
their future in someone else's hands, but not you.
Jim Rohn

Monday, 4 February 2013

Top 10 android cheap phones in kenya

Huawei U8150 -

This phone was released in the year 2010, and has sold over two hundred and ten thousands according to safaricom.The first ideos android phone to hit the Kenyan market.It even got the nickname "idiot" phone.
The ideos still packs some good features.
Camera:3.15px,3G high speed internet,WI-fi,TFT 256k colors touch screen and runs on Android OS v2.2.Basic android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket -

Is an all in one smartphone, the phone boasts an internal memory of 3GB and runs on android v2.3 gingerbread.Its also fully touch and has a 256k color capacitive screen with Touch wiz technology to ensure ease in navigating the screen.Other features include Wi-fi,stereo fm.The only drawback to these amazing phone is its mere 2.0 mega pixel camera.The phone was introduced to the Kenyan market in early May 201

Huawei Ideos Y100 -

The huawei ideo Y100 is the 2rd android low budget smartphone introduced to the market by safaricom after the U8150.its an upgrade of the ideos u8150 which was a major hit in Kenya.It runs on android v2.3, has a 3.15 megapixel camera and supports wi-fi together with tethering.It has a slightly faster processor of 800mhz compared to the U815.The phone retails at 8500ksh around $100.Safaricom have a promo offer that enables you to purchase it half with the 5000 bonga points + 4,500/=.This phone has opened the market for other Huawei phones such as the first Huawei windows phone

LG optimus L3 E400 -

LG have introduced the Optimus L series smartphones in kenya and this one is one of them.It has an internal memory of 1GG smaller compared to the Galaxy pocket.The internal memory is 34MB quite small for people who use install big android apps. The L3 has a very stylish shape that distinguishes it from other brands.You can take nice photos with its 3.15 megapixel camera and it also has big display screen of 3.2 inches good for viewing photos or watching you tube videos.It also runs on android v2.3.The only drawback is its screen resolution is not very sharp compared to the Alcatel OT 918.The phone retails at 9,999/=  or 5000 bonga points + 4,999 at safaricom shops.

Alcatel OT 918 -

These smart phone packs good features and will make you think twice about Alcatel phones which have been underrated in the past.It comes with a 3.15mp camera,650mhz speed processor,320 x 480 pixels screen with 180 ppi pixel density making it have a very clear screen resolution.It also has a 150MB storage and 512MB rom and 256 MB ram.These is a very fast phone on loading application like games,Google maps and will allow you to multitask comfortably.It runs android v2.3.These phone retails very cheap at only 8500 and 4999+5000 bonga points on safaricom shops

Samsung galaxy Y duos -

These is a budget priced smartphone from Samsung who have in the recent past been producing smartphones at a very high rate.Powered by android OS 2.3 (gingerbread) and a 832mhz processor.Its also very stylish and sleek phone plus its a dual-Sim capability that lets you switch to different service providers.It has a 3.15 megapixel camera and as usual supports WI-fi.One missing thing with these budget smartphones is the front camera for video chatting or making Skype calls via the phone.

 Tecno N3 -
 Believe me or not but Tecno has come of age, these is evident by the release of these Android smart phone.It's powered by Android 2.3.5 and runs on 800mhz  single core processor.The phone also boasts of a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.Very good feature for people who enjoy a big screen.

These phone will be retailing in the Kenyan market at around 8000ksh around $94 dollars.Tecno N3 is dual sim and comes in a variety of colors ranging from Black,yellow, blue,green and pink.
 The phone also come pre-loaded with social media apps such as Facebook,Skype,LinkedIn etc.
You don't have to worry about memory for your music or photos after buying the phone it comes with an 8GB Micro-SD card and can support up to 32gb memory.
Other features
  • 512MB internal memory
  • 256MB RAM
  • Microsoft office document viewer for Word,Excel and PowerPoint files
  • PDF reader
Intel Yolo Smartphone - 
The smartphone is one of Intels product for African consumers.Safaricom Kenya announced the smartphone in kenya at an entry price of 10,999ksh.
The phone is powered by Intel Atom Z2460 procesor design by also has a 3.5 inch display touchscreen, a 5 Megapixel camera and runs on Android 4.0 OS.
It will also come pre-loaded with 500mb according to safaricom.The phone aims to capture the African market smartphones segment with a powerful phone that can process applications faster and achieve good performance.

Its also a HSPA+ speed with 3G connectivity.Its camera is relatively good compared to the low cost android phones in the market that have a 2- 3 megapixels camera.

And if you are looking for midrange smartphone after having a low budget android phone check our midrange smartphones list on this post

Feb 4 2013 daily quote

I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the
ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.
Anthony Robbins

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Top 10 TV series of 2012

Top 10 TV series of 2012 according to Me

This is a list of series that I have watched have not just picked them from nowhere, I have watched and enjoyed them most of them to the last episode.
Let’s get started am sure if you are a fun of TV series whether Action, Drama, Romance, Science fiction or even comedy you know what I mean.
1) HomelandThese series is rated 8.6/10 by IMDB which is a good rating for this newcomer series.
It revolves on a story about Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody(Damian Lewis)  who comes back to his family after 8 years of going missing in Iraq where he was tortured and corrupted to join the Muslim faith. The series doesn’t fall off stars that make up the cast with names such as Claire Danes, the beautiful Morena Baccarin (I like her on V series) and the young Morgan Saylor who plays Brody’s daughter. Brody is forced to cope with the disconnect created after leaving her wife who has fallen for Brody’s old friend Sgt Mike Faber. I pity the army sometime on a serious real note, leaving your beautiful wife for 8 years and expect no one will bang her, that’s hard to!! Check it out if you haven’t yet. With season 1 and 2 completed let’s wait for season 3 2013
2) Suits – Rated 8.9 by IMDB, I think I like watching series that have good ratings, it just happens.
Suits is a comedy drama series that revolves around Mike Ross who is a genius. Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is introduced to the law firm after a drug deal goes sour and he ends up being hired by Harvey (Gabriel Macht) who discovers this kid can make a formidable duo as lawyers. They work together combining Harvey’s aggressive and non emotional type of lawyer and mikes ingenuity .The series is full of some office drama with mike’s endeavors to win the Sexy Rachel Zane, funny thing is Rachel who struggled to pass her Harvard exams doesn’t know that mike who used to sit for exams for other students will end up doing the exam for her. The series has other notable stars such as Gina Torres and rick Hoffman.
3)Person of Interest – These series is  revolves around a software genius Harold Finch(Michael Emerson) who made a lot of money by coming up with a surveillance system that watches everybody’s move by using cell phones, computers, webcams and street cams to monitor acts of violence and act to stop them. Together with an Ex CIA operative John Reese they use the machine to apprehend criminals and prevent deaths. Together the two work against the Police and CIA that are still looking for the whereabouts of the John Reese. But they don’t know the mystery guy is john who has inside connection by gaining the trust of two police officers inside the force Detective Carter and Fusco. Detective Fusco is a former bad cop who is trying to reform and the fight for justice. The series is rated 8.3/10 and it sure is packed with some good action, drama and mystery

4) Magic City -  I never thought I would enjoy this series but I did. It talks about the life of Miami Mobsters in the early 1959 who run unscrupulous drug businesses ,gambling .The story revolves around Ike Evans who runs the Magnificent Miramar hotel that’s is overlooking the beach of Miami. Ike is struggling to keep up with the life of running a big hotel, dealing with gangsters, hookers and raising his family. Her wife the gorgeous Vera Evans(Olga Kurylenko) played by the Ukrainian beauty with from Cuba who used to be a dancer is also trying to fit in to these lifestyle and playing the mother to Ike’s children who are grown. Ike constantly is crossing with the Mob boss the butcher who loaned him some money to secure the hotels expenses and Taxes. The authority also is on his heels concerning a murder that they suspect he was involved in. I don’t want to spill everything get it to see for yourselves. Expect some life of Miami at night. The series is rated 7.5/10
5)Hell on Wheels – rated 8.1/10 these TV series is awesome. I never thought I would sit down watching some Western drama. Its based on 1850s struggle to build the Transcontinental Railroad. Thomas ‘doc’ Durant who supervises the railroad, He appoints Cullen Bohannan a former soldier and slaveholder and a gunslinger to lead the violent slaves. Bohannan means business and will do anything to see it done. They also work together with Lily bell who has the surveying skills. Bohannan is haunted by his past and has to deal with leading the slaves who are struggling to cope with Racism with the blacks being downplayed by the white slaves. These series is full of action, Drama , and even Romance watched season 1 and 2 and really enjoyed, only one person who dies at the end of season 2 and I feel like its gonna kill the show. Am not gonna tell you who that is just get it Cowboy.

6) Last Resort – If you like naval warfare stories with submarines and guns these is your show. After defying orders to fire a nuclear missile in Pakistan the Nuclear submarine picks Navy seals in the sea after they came back from a Mission that went wrong in Pakistan. The captain refuses to fire the missile since it would hurt innocent people and thus the government turns to him and threatens the whole crew. The crew has to fight to survive after docking on an abandoned Navo station to take refuge where they encounter resistance from the natives of the island. The crew also grows weary and starts resisting the leadership of their captain. The series is graced by beautiful cast the likes of Daisy Betts, Camille De pazzis, Dichen lachman. Won’t write much about this show I feel bad it got cancelled but I enjoyed up to Episode 11 waiting for 12 probably the last episode. I give it a 7.6/10 though

7) Revenge – Amazing show by The story starts after Emily Thorne rents a house in the Hamptons with the intention of getting back to the people who killed and destroyed his father. She’s out for revenge and few people know that. She plays cool and normal even though she has got plans to get her revenge one person after the other. I know this show is good and am still watching it so am not gonna tell you much but look for it if you haven’t done so. Season 1 is complete and season 2 is almost coming to a close. The show is rated 8.8/10 by, Similar series are Ringer or lying game

8) House of Lies – These show by SHOWTIME is one hell of a drama with Don Cheadle playing Marty kaan a clever and slick consultant that leads his team of consultants who convince corporate clients to in striking business deals, mergers and corrupt deals. Cheadle is also dealing with separation from his Ambitious attractive wife. The show brings out the satire in America corporate world of today. The show also is graced by the gorgeous and Sexy Kristen Bell who is struggling to keep her relationship with his boyfriend alive with his her looks and every man wishing they would have her. Nice one from showcase..Remember Californication and Trueblood which are hits too are shows by SHOWCASE.Check it out season 2 is starting on 2013

9)Arrow – Arrow as the name suggests is story of a Billionaire son who survives a deadly shipwreck accident and re-appears after 5 years to write the wrongs in the city where he used to be a playboy carefree young bloke. His father left him a list of the people that need to be eliminated to clean up the city of Bad business people and secret society that exists that his father used to be a member of. Oliver queen is the hooded mystery archer by night and normal son of a rich family during the day. He also comes into terms with his absence and is trying to reconcile with her Girlfriend whose father is a detective that is trying to unmask the mystery of the hooded guy. These series is action packed as Arrow fights with bad guys and kills them or destroys them. His mother is part of this society and has a lot of secrets that his stepfather is also starting to know. Like the Wreckage of the ship. The un accounted money that disappeared from the account to purchase a warehouse. Great performance by Kate Cassidy.I liked her on Melrose Place plus she is fierce and sexy..

10) Finally My long time favorite comedy How I Met Your Mother – Its legen – wait for it dary.These show is not new but it still is my favorite can put the DVD and start from any season and it still rocks.Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky are my favorite. From season 1 – 8, season 8 where marshal and lily are playing parents to their son and Robin is still confused since she dated Barney.Barney even tries to woo her once again. I think both have feelings for each other. Anyway you need to suit up and check out this awesome series.
I love watching TV series feel free to tell me of any series that you too have watched that I need to check out. The list doesn’t mean I haven’t watched other series I watch vampires too. I think 2012 I watched a lot of action series now am will try to watch more comedy and Hospital Drama, Law drama or something of the sort. if know I didn’t mention Breaking Bad but it technically on the list, I haven’t watched season 5 and that’s what am doing Next.
Happy 2013 Folks