10 actors following their Famous Parents Actors footsteps

Clint Eastwood – Is the son of the famous actor Clint Eastwood. The 27 year old actor got the looks and charm from his father. Clint stars in the following upcoming movies the Perfect Wave, Dawn Patrol and Fury. He will star alongside actors’ such as Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. The actor appeared recently on Town & Country photo shoot.
Jaden Smith – Will smith’s son got introduced to showbiz when he starred alongside his father in the pursuit of happiness back in 2006.From there onwards he has gone ahead to appear in billboard movies such as Karate kid playing the character of a young kid learning kungfu in china. He also recently made appeared on after earth together with his father. The movie did not perform very well on the market

Rumer mills – Daughter to Die hard movies actor Bruce Willis together with Demi Moore. Rumer mills started acting at young age in the movie Now and Then. She has also starred in other movies such as Hostage (2005), 90210 TV series, striptease and many more.

Colin Hanks – Is the son of famous actor Tom Hanks. He is best known for appearing in the TV series good guys as Jack bailey. He has also starred in other tv series such as Roswell, The O.C, Kingkong, orange county e.t.c

Keifer Sutherland – He is best known for one of the greatest TV series 24 as Jack Bauer in 2007.He is the son of Donald Sutherland who is a legendary actor. He continues to amaze by appearing in recent movies at his age. I bet he gives his son a bet for his money. I mostly remember him for the role he played on Italian Job together with Jason Stathman. Keifer Sutherland has also appeared on other great movies such as mirrors, phonebooth, Touch the TV series e.t.c

Zoe kravitz – is the daughter of the rocker musician Lenny Kravitz. She has appeared alongside Cathrine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart in No reservations (2007) and also on X-men first class. Other movies include assassination of a high school president starring Bruce willis. She also appeared on a couple of episodes on Californication.

Lily Collins – is the daughter of famous musician Phil Collins with his first wife. She started in modeling then started acting. She has starred on movies such as The blind side (2009), Mirror Mirror and priest. Lily’s looks have ranked her on different magazines for Sexiest female such as Maxim and people magazine.

Dakota Johnson – Dakota Johnson is daughter to Don Johnson who starred in the late 80s series Miami Vice. Her big break came on the year 2010 on the film adapted from Facebook (The social network) alongside Justin Timberlake. Other movies on her list include; beastly, 21 jump street and the series Ben and Kate. Before getting into the movie industry she modeled for different companies such as Mango brand of jeans.

Kate Hudson - I still remember her on the movie How to lose a guy in 10 days alongside Matthew McConaughey.Kate‘s remarkable smile and character has helped he appear in movies such as My best friends girl. I liked this movie. Kate Hudson is the daughter of legendary actor Goldie Jean Hawn famous for the movie Death becomes her. Her mother was also equally talented at one time working as a professional ballet dancer. Other movies by Kate Hudson include fool’s gold, you me and Dupree and the Bride wars.

Kristopher Van Varenberg – Is the son of famous martial arts actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Kristopher has followed his father’s footstep and appeared as young jean claude van damme in movies such as Universal Soldier, the quest. Other movies include Universal soldier regeneration, soldiers, Derailed (very nice movies if you hop on this blog please check it out).Besides acting he is an animal rights activists and enjoys reading.

Other notable actors who have following their parent actors footsteps include Chris pine(star trek),Bryce Dallas Howard, Scott can, Sophia coppola, Josh Brolin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey jnr, Ben stiller and Charlie sheen.

Leave your comments with other actors not included on this list.
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