Sunday, 23 February 2014

Alfred Mutua the Pacesetter

Every kao wants to be associated with Machakos County since Alfred Mutua became the governor. Well we can’t blame him for making it the next haven for development and a growing infrastructure. Let’s start with the Machakos stadium .It may not come close to Kasarani but it’s better than what was there before. After that came the amphitheatre, sincerely I had to Google that. It’s some kind of open air venue used to entertain people. Like what used to be used in the ancient Roman Empire during gladiator fighting.
A governor who cares about the healthcare of his people ought to be applauded. And that’s what Mutua has done by providing them a fleet of 70 ambulances. According to him, they are going to cater for emergencies such as pregnant women who need to be rushed to hospitals. Many people have different views about what Alfred Mutua has done, but who dare point a finger when their county still relies on the same stingy budget while some of them take unnecessary allowances to stay at Hotels and build mansions for themselves. The ambulance may not be state of art but at least they can ferry a victim of our roadworthy road and reckless driver’s misfortunes.
Next is his machawood film, media and music project. Will this be the next Hollywood in machakos or Kenya? Well it’s too early to tell but a good start. As a country we still need to up our game in terms of the quality of our productions and acting. The Nigerians have stuck to their Nollywood which many criticize but it keeps growing. Actually our Kenyan actors are moving to Nigeria to share the same success stories of Nollywood. I can’t say much about the machawood, but time will tell. The county has produced comedians such as Churchill, Chipukeezy and veteran radio presenter Caroline Mutoko.
Most of our politicians are opportunist looking to make a buck and then varnish. Our so called leaders only want to get recognized when they want to woe voters. And others only come to the rescue of the common mwanainchi when it’s too late or when they know they will use the opportunity to garner support and recognition. Otherwise you will never find a politician starting an initiative like the one started when there was a major food shortage. Makes me wonder do they wait for someone to blow the whistle for them to start running the race or what’s wrong with them.
Now too much of politics, Mutua is not the type of governor who will wait up to the fourth term in office to try and do a hasty job for his county. His style of leadership is straight to the point, starting right away what others ought to be doing. Politician ought to realize they are elected to perform and show results, not sit and enjoy the sweat of Kenyans paying taxes everyday.
Now this guy has a big dream for his county. Going by the things he has achieved I would comfortably vote him as best performing governor in the country. Even on Facebook I see guys sharing his next agenda on their Facebook wall, feeling hopeful just like we did during Peter Kenneth’s campaign period. I hope people will vote wisely next time for leaders who have a vision and care about the legacy they leave. Many leaders don’t give a damn what will happen when they leave the office. After all Kenyans most likely will vote you out without holding you accountable for the things that you did wrong or didn’t do. Peculiar people, they just vote you out and enter the next politician with so many agendas only to clinch the seat and forget what they promised.
I just realized I have been ranting about our politician and forgot it was all about Alfred Mutua’s achievement. But lets be real if only one governor is showing some progress in this matter of devolution and the rest are asleep we have a big problem.
Lets just hope the other governors, Nairobi included get the drift on what’s happening and start making changes.

How to increase the size of your internal memory android phone

Anybody who owns and android phone in Kenya knows that at one point the internal memory reduces and keeps prompting you to uninstall programs to free memory. It’s a very irritating feeling when anytime you come across a nice application the internal memory limits you from installing it.

Even the best smart phones encounter these challenges and will need you to either upgrade to a phone with a bigger internal memory or remove some apps. That doesn’t mean that all phones have this limitation. Some android phones allow you to move applications directly to the External memory but unfortunately some apps cannot be moved.

You have two options you can use to overcome low internal memory on an android phone. One of course is to clear your memory by removing some of your applications completely. I will give you some tips on what applications you can use to monitor the phones memory. Most of the time some apps occupy a big temporary memory called cache. By installing a cache cleaner app, you can clear quite some space but that still will not be sufficient if you plan to install big apps. One of the best cache cleaner apps I use is called Clean master.This app is able to clear your apps and also end processes that could be slowing down your phone by occupying the phones Random access memory.

So to accomplish our objective which is clearing our memory and moving our applications to the external memory we need to first format the memory card to a Linux extension that will be accepted by the phones android operating system. Get the following software called software called minitools to format or partition your External memory.

I recommend using EXT2 file format. After formatting the memory card install Link2sd applications from Google market.Link2sd is a powerful app which will assist you to move your applications installed on the internal memory to your External memory. Some phones that use custom ROMs have the inbuilt CWM recovery which can be found by booting the phone to recovery. Using this option you can partition your memory card directly. By doing this you will have solved your low internal memory notification which is very irritating. You can also be able to list know where apps are installed and decide what you will move to your external memory. After launching Link2sd, it will ask you for root permission to be able to manage application and move them to the external memory.

Make sure you tick allow app to gain super user access. Note not all apps are advisable to be moved to your external memory card. Anytime you restart your phone apps on your memory card will take some time before loading. Also apps used for instance to track your phone or manage apps are better left on your internal memory. I almost forgot to tell you that routing your phone is paramount for link2sd to work. Make sure your android phone is routed for some of the programs to work correctly.
If all this methods don’t work, it’s time to move on and get a better phone. Most android phones in Kenya have are cheap and pack many features. With 10,000/= you can get a phone with good specs such as 2GB internal memory.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Designed by Apple: the Iphone


If everyone is busy making everything, how can anyone perfect anything? We start to confuse convenience with joy,abundance with choice. Designing something requires focus. The first thing we ask is what do we want people to feel: delight, surprise, love, connection. Then we begin to craft around our intention. It takes time.. there are a thousand no's for every yes'. we simplify, we perfect, we start over, until everything we touch enhances each life it touches. Only then do we sign our work.'
Source: CC BY SA 2.0

Long time ago sometime last year there existed an iPhone 4s. I marveled at that thing every single time i lay my eyes on it. At that time i did not know how to operate the device 100%. just the basics. Cliche, you never realize how much you love something until its lost. In this case literally lost. Some iPhone thief robbed my best friend of his iPhone. i know i know at first you all thought it was mine well I'm not embarrassed. Right now i cant afford one shocker!
enough of that.
Today we talk about The iPhone . It doesn't matter whether 3 4s or 5 or 5s. An iPhone is too awesome , to me its a groundbreaking device of the future. You know how cell phone companies or any other company for that matter comes up with new things every once in a while, well not Apple Inc. They perfect what they already have. Too wise.Hands down we all know the iPhone is the most stylish device in the world- i wont go into so much detail just the tip.:)
Its a cell phone, an iPod, an internet communicator and an awesome software that makes the iPhone the ultimate cell phone. so, what makes the iPhone the ultimate device you ask, thank God for me because I'll explain all that to you.(comic style-pardon my boy-charm)
if you didn't like batman while growing up may be the iPhone is not for You. I'm relating to this toon because batman is too cool and so are all his gadgets, if you differ you can eat 2 big thumbs. Fans of batman like real fans of batman, even if they don't know it, are all geeks. And so is the iPhone,geeky. To operate an iPhone it requires a batman-like(if you like iron man-like) level of technical knowledge to get to. Lets start with the basic features.Like i said earlier the iPhone has similar features to any smartphone difference is they are made to perfection.

Basic feature no 1: Its dialing interface and all its features, not only does the iPhone have easy to access speed dial lists, call history and contacts there is also a giant traditional dial pad as well. The distinctive feature that separates the iPhone from the mediocre smartphones is its integration. evidently in the way you can easily bring up your friends addresses in Google maps, the flawless way they sync with Address Book on the Mac and Outlook on the PC, and how you can easily assign unique ringtones and pictures to all your contacts without getting mixed up along the way, you know what i mean, I’ve been a victim of that once or twice forced again to be mediocre as the 'smartphone' itself.

Basic feature no 2: The inbuilt iPod (not that basic after all). Apple’s taken everything that was great about the music player you (most likely) already own and they’ve made it even better; seriously. Instead of the touch-sensitive Click Wheel, you’ve got an entire screen to frolic around on. If you tilt the iPhone to the side, you get the beautiful Cover Flow mode, which lets you flip through your album covers like you would on your shelf (assuming you own both albums and a shelf to place them on). Plus, there’s gigantic album art whenever you’re playing a song, one-click access to many functions that were up to four-clicks away on an iPod, and convenient integration with the rest of the iPhone’s features. What do we mean by that? How about to pause a song automatically when receiving an incoming call?

Basic feature no. 3: A full featured internet communicator. Orange service provider attendants will back me up on this. At this point you are wondering what can apple do to make the iPhone incredible than it already is with everything mentioned above? One word; and that’s Safari. Safari is Apple's internet browser which gives you desktop quality web browsing which by now I’m guessing you are straining reading what’s written on your shrunken and dumb ed down browser on your phone. It also has awesome interfaces on inbuilt applications like the mailbox, Google maps, weather, stocks and YouTube. I mean with the iPhone you can comfortably leave your laptop behind wherever you go. Class and style is what you get from this awesome device.

To wrap it up I’ll leave all you wise guns with a simple real life sit, why i would buy an iPhone over any smart phone. Simple, using an iPhone is like traveling to an easy tourist destination say Mombasa(kwetu) first class by air, over, hear this, not business class nor third class but by road: channia bus. Think about it, an 'Apple' everyday doesn’t sound so bad does it. Blessed weekend fellas

Reel Movies

I’m a geek scratch that I’m not that smart so let’s go with nerd. I watch lots of movies! I spend my free time lazing around; maybe in a good day I’d do something on my computer. I love machines too (computers or techy gadgets). All that love you would assume I’m using a state of the art machine, well u guessed right. HP envy dv6 check it out, it will blow your mind to ash!!

Back to my point, i love movies. And on my holidays i collected all time classics dating from way back up to today. Prove me wrong, i always stand to be corrected, the greatest movies of all time ceased to be produced from '06. I formulated a list that i believe will crush your brains to a black screen :) And the countdown begins.

No. 8
Any movie with the actors Al Pacino and De Niro is simply a masterpiece! De Niro is by far my favorite. Most of these movies rated above R by the latter. I mean you’d actually mistake the fucker to a real mafia. It’s about a hardcore thief who pulls off heists like they were nothing. And obviously the protagonist is the detective who dedicates all his time and available resource to catching the antagonist. Really good watch! This movie is about 2hrs 40mins of your well spent life. No regrets.
No. 7
We’ve all watched this movie. If u haven’t you should probably hang yourself. It’s a nice watch. The first time i watched it i got really emotional my head ached for hours. There is nothing much to say about this flick. It was mostly a chick flick but c'mon lets give credit where it’s due. The director James Cameron made a masterpiece and the whole world knows it.

No. 6

I can’t convince anyone to watch a movie that made movies. I mean freaking '42!! f'n incredible. Set in the World War II era. This movie is too awesome i even uploaded the thing! :) Feast your eyes.

No. 5
starring:russel crowe
Set in the era when Julius Caesar ruled Rome( i don't know the collective term used to describe this era). the last time i watched this movie i was playing soccer with the boys with no shoes dirt all over. it made an impact the size of a crater. Russel Crowe was really good in the movie. it takes no. 5 in the list

starring: Al Pacino
You can all suck my big left thumb. I can hear what you're all saying. I have bad taste, putting Scarface at no 4. No my taste is impeccable! All you should care about is that it made it to my list. It’s an amazing movie. You can't afford to miss it.

No. 3
DiCaprio Joseph Gordon Levitt,tom hardy,You note that I’m contradicting myself right now; initially i explained that good movies died after 06. Inception premiered 2011; it is no. 3 as a necessity. If it were up to me it would have made no. 1. I  love the movie I've watched this movie over 10 times and I'd still do it again today before i sleep just to prove a point. Just to prove my mastery I'll give you the plot! It’s about a professional extractor who extracts information (crucial): organization secrets, blueprints to anything you name it. Di Caprio has an elite team of 5. The interesting bit is that the extraction occurs in your dream. Your subconscious stores lots of secrets, all your secrets. This team consists of an architect who designs the interface of your dream. Exactly how it would appear if we would say be in it. My good friend Dante loves the movie already this means i should stop there for now. Get the movie on any site. Preferably on hd tv! For those who have watched it rematch it! IMDB rated it 8. I give it a freaking 10...sue me

No. 2
good fellas(1990)
de niro ,joe pesci

I used to hear how grown ups talked of mafia n how they ran there empires. Now this movie explains how it all happened, so real. Like i said earlier De Niro never lets me down, one of his best works until now. I won’t say much about it.

No. 1
the departed(2006)
DiCaprio Matt Damon mark wahlberg .various

Now if you think I’m over upselling this movie you should maybe get it and be the judge of that. Martin Scorsese is a genius. This movie will make you want to cry. It will make u idolize actors and the men behind the camera. It will make you loathe Transformers series. You’d wish to meet the director and personally congratulate him for a job well done all those years back. Enough of that shit .Get the movie now.