Cinemax's New Original Action Series Banshee

I stumbled upon Cinemax's New Original Action Series banshee during the Easter holidays. I got to say it’s very interesting and captivating. I couldn’t leave the screen until I finished watching the 10 episodes.

Banshee is about an Ex-thief who is released from jail for stealing diamonds from his former boss. He is determined to find her accomplice and lover who got away with the loot. He gets word that the former flame run away to a distant town named Banshee to start a new life and family.

On a mission to find her he goes to banshee only for her to tell him that she doesn’t have the diamonds. This ex-thief will do everything to get back to her and the diamonds. Opportunity strikes and the Sheriff dies and he takes the identity of Lucas Hood the new sheriff in town. He must pretend to be the sheriff by apprehending criminals and bringing sanity to the town.

Banshee is full of violence and criminals such as the crime kingpin Kai Proctor who is ruthless in his shady businesses. Lucas hood has a tough job ahead trying to reclaim his lover and fighting crimes.

If you are looking for an action packed series similar to Strikeback which also happens to be a Cinemax's Action Series then you should check out for this series. It’s graced by different stars such as the beautiful Ivana Millevic who plays Anastasia, Young Rebecca bownan who also happens to be Proctors niece. She lives two lives one pretending to be religious to her family but still finding time to dish the goods to Lucas hood on his sex escapades.check out more TV series here

I won’t let you know of everything that happen just check it out for yourself.

The show is rated 8.1 out of 10 by IMDB. Don’t forget this show is rated so be ready for some very steamy scenes and serious action.

Cinemax's New Original Action Series Banshee Cinemax's New Original Action Series Banshee Reviewed by Elvis Msmart on 18:41 Rating: 5
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