Top 10 TV series of 2012

Top 10 TV series of 2012 according to Me

This is a list of series that I have watched have not just picked them from nowhere, I have watched and enjoyed them most of them to the last episode.
Let’s get started am sure if you are a fun of TV series whether Action, Drama, Romance, Science fiction or even comedy you know what I mean.
1) HomelandThese series is rated 8.6/10 by IMDB which is a good rating for this newcomer series.
It revolves on a story about Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody(Damian Lewis)  who comes back to his family after 8 years of going missing in Iraq where he was tortured and corrupted to join the Muslim faith. The series doesn’t fall off stars that make up the cast with names such as Claire Danes, the beautiful Morena Baccarin (I like her on V series) and the young Morgan Saylor who plays Brody’s daughter. Brody is forced to cope with the disconnect created after leaving her wife who has fallen for Brody’s old friend Sgt Mike Faber. I pity the army sometime on a serious real note, leaving your beautiful wife for 8 years and expect no one will bang her, that’s hard to!! Check it out if you haven’t yet. With season 1 and 2 completed let’s wait for season 3 2013
2) Suits – Rated 8.9 by IMDB, I think I like watching series that have good ratings, it just happens.
Suits is a comedy drama series that revolves around Mike Ross who is a genius. Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is introduced to the law firm after a drug deal goes sour and he ends up being hired by Harvey (Gabriel Macht) who discovers this kid can make a formidable duo as lawyers. They work together combining Harvey’s aggressive and non emotional type of lawyer and mikes ingenuity .The series is full of some office drama with mike’s endeavors to win the Sexy Rachel Zane, funny thing is Rachel who struggled to pass her Harvard exams doesn’t know that mike who used to sit for exams for other students will end up doing the exam for her. The series has other notable stars such as Gina Torres and rick Hoffman.
3)Person of Interest – These series is  revolves around a software genius Harold Finch(Michael Emerson) who made a lot of money by coming up with a surveillance system that watches everybody’s move by using cell phones, computers, webcams and street cams to monitor acts of violence and act to stop them. Together with an Ex CIA operative John Reese they use the machine to apprehend criminals and prevent deaths. Together the two work against the Police and CIA that are still looking for the whereabouts of the John Reese. But they don’t know the mystery guy is john who has inside connection by gaining the trust of two police officers inside the force Detective Carter and Fusco. Detective Fusco is a former bad cop who is trying to reform and the fight for justice. The series is rated 8.3/10 and it sure is packed with some good action, drama and mystery

4) Magic City -  I never thought I would enjoy this series but I did. It talks about the life of Miami Mobsters in the early 1959 who run unscrupulous drug businesses ,gambling .The story revolves around Ike Evans who runs the Magnificent Miramar hotel that’s is overlooking the beach of Miami. Ike is struggling to keep up with the life of running a big hotel, dealing with gangsters, hookers and raising his family. Her wife the gorgeous Vera Evans(Olga Kurylenko) played by the Ukrainian beauty with from Cuba who used to be a dancer is also trying to fit in to these lifestyle and playing the mother to Ike’s children who are grown. Ike constantly is crossing with the Mob boss the butcher who loaned him some money to secure the hotels expenses and Taxes. The authority also is on his heels concerning a murder that they suspect he was involved in. I don’t want to spill everything get it to see for yourselves. Expect some life of Miami at night. The series is rated 7.5/10
5)Hell on Wheels – rated 8.1/10 these TV series is awesome. I never thought I would sit down watching some Western drama. Its based on 1850s struggle to build the Transcontinental Railroad. Thomas ‘doc’ Durant who supervises the railroad, He appoints Cullen Bohannan a former soldier and slaveholder and a gunslinger to lead the violent slaves. Bohannan means business and will do anything to see it done. They also work together with Lily bell who has the surveying skills. Bohannan is haunted by his past and has to deal with leading the slaves who are struggling to cope with Racism with the blacks being downplayed by the white slaves. These series is full of action, Drama , and even Romance watched season 1 and 2 and really enjoyed, only one person who dies at the end of season 2 and I feel like its gonna kill the show. Am not gonna tell you who that is just get it Cowboy.

6) Last Resort – If you like naval warfare stories with submarines and guns these is your show. After defying orders to fire a nuclear missile in Pakistan the Nuclear submarine picks Navy seals in the sea after they came back from a Mission that went wrong in Pakistan. The captain refuses to fire the missile since it would hurt innocent people and thus the government turns to him and threatens the whole crew. The crew has to fight to survive after docking on an abandoned Navo station to take refuge where they encounter resistance from the natives of the island. The crew also grows weary and starts resisting the leadership of their captain. The series is graced by beautiful cast the likes of Daisy Betts, Camille De pazzis, Dichen lachman. Won’t write much about this show I feel bad it got cancelled but I enjoyed up to Episode 11 waiting for 12 probably the last episode. I give it a 7.6/10 though

7) Revenge – Amazing show by The story starts after Emily Thorne rents a house in the Hamptons with the intention of getting back to the people who killed and destroyed his father. She’s out for revenge and few people know that. She plays cool and normal even though she has got plans to get her revenge one person after the other. I know this show is good and am still watching it so am not gonna tell you much but look for it if you haven’t done so. Season 1 is complete and season 2 is almost coming to a close. The show is rated 8.8/10 by, Similar series are Ringer or lying game

8) House of Lies – These show by SHOWTIME is one hell of a drama with Don Cheadle playing Marty kaan a clever and slick consultant that leads his team of consultants who convince corporate clients to in striking business deals, mergers and corrupt deals. Cheadle is also dealing with separation from his Ambitious attractive wife. The show brings out the satire in America corporate world of today. The show also is graced by the gorgeous and Sexy Kristen Bell who is struggling to keep her relationship with his boyfriend alive with his her looks and every man wishing they would have her. Nice one from showcase..Remember Californication and Trueblood which are hits too are shows by SHOWCASE.Check it out season 2 is starting on 2013

9)Arrow – Arrow as the name suggests is story of a Billionaire son who survives a deadly shipwreck accident and re-appears after 5 years to write the wrongs in the city where he used to be a playboy carefree young bloke. His father left him a list of the people that need to be eliminated to clean up the city of Bad business people and secret society that exists that his father used to be a member of. Oliver queen is the hooded mystery archer by night and normal son of a rich family during the day. He also comes into terms with his absence and is trying to reconcile with her Girlfriend whose father is a detective that is trying to unmask the mystery of the hooded guy. These series is action packed as Arrow fights with bad guys and kills them or destroys them. His mother is part of this society and has a lot of secrets that his stepfather is also starting to know. Like the Wreckage of the ship. The un accounted money that disappeared from the account to purchase a warehouse. Great performance by Kate Cassidy.I liked her on Melrose Place plus she is fierce and sexy..

10) Finally My long time favorite comedy How I Met Your Mother – Its legen – wait for it dary.These show is not new but it still is my favorite can put the DVD and start from any season and it still rocks.Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky are my favorite. From season 1 – 8, season 8 where marshal and lily are playing parents to their son and Robin is still confused since she dated Barney.Barney even tries to woo her once again. I think both have feelings for each other. Anyway you need to suit up and check out this awesome series.
I love watching TV series feel free to tell me of any series that you too have watched that I need to check out. The list doesn’t mean I haven’t watched other series I watch vampires too. I think 2012 I watched a lot of action series now am will try to watch more comedy and Hospital Drama, Law drama or something of the sort. if know I didn’t mention Breaking Bad but it technically on the list, I haven’t watched season 5 and that’s what am doing Next.
Happy 2013 Folks

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