Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tragic accident between a train and a bus in Umoja Mutindwa road

Umoja residents have woken up to a sad morning after a train collided with a bus at Mutindwa Market.The umoja bus crash accident happened after the bus was caught up on traffic and was not able to evade the train.Umoinner buses have been plying the buru buru route to avoid traffic jam at Donholm roundabout.
6 people so far have been confirmed dead and many others injured.

Umoinner buses that ferry people from Umoja Nairobi area have recently been involved in accidents causing people to speculate that they are affiliated to Illuminati.Now you can say anything folks but we need our drivers to sober up and learn from the loss of lives that takes place everyday in Kenya.The train has a fixed schedule to pick people at Mutindwa market and its no surprise that bus ought to have given way to the train first.
I have never understood how so many accident happen and i mean on a daily basis, innocent Kenyans losing lives due to either roadworthy vehicles, over speeding, reckless drunk drivers and roads. We can only hope for journey mercies going by the way things are.This accident could have happened to a matatu or even a private vehicle.

My final say is a rule has to be made that no car crosses the railway line 10 minutes before the train passes, also they have to think and redesign the whole set up on that intersection.
We wish all casualties quick recovery and Rest in peace to the fallen passengers.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Teacher Wanjiku funniest comic in Nairobi

She came she saw she conquered!! That’s the new definition of Wanjiku the Teacher. Caroline Wanjiku aka Teacher Wanjiku is one of the Top comedians on Churchill show that have risen in the shortest time. Her witty jokes will crack your ribs like no one else. Previously comedy has been dominated by Men the likes of former Redykulas crew and intrukalas including Churchill himself. Teacher Wanjiku has elevated the Churchill show by making it even more popular. You don’t wanna miss her lessons. How many people can make you laugh with only a chalk and a piece of a board? Her style of comedy is very unique and easy to relate to.

Teacher Wanjiku started doing her thing at the Heartstrings theater by appearing on a play titled 43rd Kenyan tribe. She got her big break on Churchill show after her YouTube video got a massive 200,000 views on YouTube after the first show. Since then her videos on YouTube titled Teacher Wanjiku Lessons have gotten a big viewership.

Airtel Kenya was quick to notice her talent and she has signed up a multi million deal with Airtel as their face for the 2 bob across all network Campaign. Her photos are all over on billboards and on TV ads which I think has also boasted her resume in the Comedy industry. Just like Eric Omondi started. Some people think she has replaced Omondi’s popularity on Churchill show. Personally I tune in just to watch her finalize and close the show.

Beside that Teacher Wanjiku is a proud parent of a young daughter who happens to be also her number one fan.
She also recently launched a website where you can learn more about her comedy and shows. The website has a twitter feed to follow her activities, photo gallery and some of her jokes.
Stay tuned for more..Kaa Lada…ALama ya duku duku!!!

Anthony Hamilton is in Kenya for Tusker Lite Experience

R&B and Neo Soul singer Anthony Hamilton is in Nairobi for the Tusker Lite Experience that will be held at Carnivore on 19th October. Anthony Hamilton came to fame with his single Coming where I’m from off his second album Coming Where I’m from in 2003.He has 11 albums in total starting with Nobody Else(1996),Coming where I’m from(2003),Soullife(2005)Ain’t nobody Worrying(2006),The point of it all(2008),Back to love(2011) and many more.
Anthony was music is influence by Gospel songs after all he started singing in the church. He has collaborated with artistes such as Tupac, Jadakiss, Young Jeezy and Macy Gray. If you planning to go to the concert embrace yourself for some cool RnB and Soul music tunes. This is music for grown folks. I happen to listen to Anthony’s Hamilton music and I got to say it’s sweet to the ears, calm and collected music.

I have to applaud the guys behind the Tusker lite Experience for bringing big shots in the RnB industry previously such as Johnny Gill, Joe Thomas, Donell Jones and Erykah Badu.

 This is one show that lovers and especially the ladies are gonna like. The show starts at 6.00pm.
Normal tickets for the event go for ksh4000/= and VIP tickets ksh7,500/= available at Nakumatt Junction,Nakumatt Mega,Nakumatt Village market and Dormans.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Club 20 airtel cheapest bundle in kenya

I came across one of the cheapest data bundle plan in Kenya at the moment just the other day - Airtel Club 20 tosha bundle. I got to say it's economical and efficient. We all know Kenyans love for cheap internet, some even prefer free internet using unscrupulous ways like proxies. If you are a single day average internet user then the Airtel Kenya club 20 is you best bet.It comes with 100mb and 20 free sms.Subscribing to the offer is quite simple you just dial

*120# >>select option 1>> subscribe to club 20 100mb of data and 20 sms.

The only catch with this offer is that it runs from time of subscription to midnight 12pm.Comparing it with orange Kenya’s daily unlimited that goes for 50sh with a FUP of 100mb(that means after reaching 100mb the speeds reduce to 64kbps).I have used both services before and i prefer Airtel club 20 bundle compare to orange daily unlimited. So most people don't trust Airtel's services but i can vouch for this one. Note after exhausting the 100mb given the account runs on pay as you go plan, meaning it starts using your main account.
This is a good offer comparing the price of 100mb on all three mobile service providers.

Safaricom 80mb             100ksh
Airtel 80mb                    100ksh
Orange Kenya 100mb    100ksh

as you can see both Safaricom and airtel Kenya don't even have 100mb package. The airtel club 20 bundle can be used on your phone or your modem. You can give it a trial.

Breaking Bad finale Episode was the bomb

Am a breaking bad die hard fan and I got to say I was kinda disappointed that it came to an end.But every good thing reaches an end point. i watched Breaking bad last episode, it was one hell of anticipation all through. If you haven't watched the series you should be looking for it ASAP. With ratings of 9.5 from IMDB you bet its worth the title of one of the best series of all time. The finale episode of breaking bad was filled with suspense and different turn of events. Jesse Pinkman worked against Walter white trying to revenge for the attempted poisoning of his girlfriend's son. I thought he would realize that all the time it was Walter's plan to do that to save the day.

I have watched many series but breaking bad top it all from the Cast. Especially Saul Goodman the lawyer, “better call Saul”, “If you're committed enough, you can make any story work. I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it” - Saul Goodman .The only time Saul didn't have a solution to crisis was when he advised Walter to go MIA. For those who have not watched the show yet I don't want to dish some spoilers to you guys. A good TV series consists of suspense and living you anxious for the next dramatic thing to happen. But be warned there will be many casualties on this final episode of breaking bad.

 Even though I was pissed by some of Walters antics on this final episode of breaking bad, like for instance the part where Jesse Pinkman and Hank(DEA boss) set up Walter by sending him a photo suggesting they had found the stash of money Walter hid in the desert. I think Walter was not smart enough to rush first to the scene. All through it has been very hard to corner the guy and he has always played smart and cautious. Anyway overall the plot played well at the end I was happy he managed to revenge and get back to the guys who stole his money. Now that breaking bad is over I will be waiting for the return of Game of thrones season 4 on 2014.Currently I want to continue watching Homeland. Check out other series I like here.
Bye folks