Monday, 2 September 2013

Backup Whatsapp contacts using hotmail exchange sync account

Backup Whatsapp contacts using hotmail exchange sync account

Using your Microsoft live account or Hotmail account you can add and manage contacts in a very systematic and neat way. This includes your phone numbers, emails, address and others. The contacts can later be loaded to your Whatsapp contact list for synchronization or back up purposes.

Steps on how to create the contacts

1.The first thing you need to do is log in to your hotmail account and go to the people Tab.

2.Go to new or add contact. Then fill in the details of the contacts you want to add i.e. Name, phone number and email. NB:You can also import from a csv file if you will. Then finally save the contact

3.Go to Whatsapp application on your mobile phone and choose add contacts then go to accounts and sync. Then choose add account and select corporate. You will get an option to add an Exchange account. Type your full email address and password and click next.

4.What follows is an account set up for your exchange account to be synched with Whatsapp contacts. For the domain\username type your full hotmail account e.g. then server change from to sure to select use secure connection(SSl) and click Next to finish

5.If it’s successful you will then go to the next page and select what you want to be synced. You can choose to only sync the contacts leaving out Sync email and Sync Calendar.

6.Go back to Whatsapp and the contacts should start synching and loading on your contact list.

The advantages of using the method

1.You can export the backup file to a CSV file to excel

2.You don’t have to worry of lost contacts in case you lose your phone contacts to replace them on a new whatsapp installation on for your android phone

3.Contacts are automatically synched to your hotmail when added either from Whatsapp interface(phone) or from your mail account