The power of failure by PK Nemayian

The power of failure is irrefutable.Failure has been dreaded through generations, though it is the measure of ones success.
A mistake remains to be one if one repeats a specific action expecting a different result,
though in the first count of the "mistakes",a mistake is simply a different way of doing things.

Most of the time these negative energies that perfect our minds are at the closest of proximity: our parents in childhood, friends and teachers in school – I mean they define what is eventually called a failure in our lives

It's proven a task to overlook failures though once overcome, one grows to a refined yet complex being and in pursuit of their future they've unlocked so many other doors to the people they come across. All this happens in the event of adverse situations, difficulties and unresolved challenges; I mean who thinks when all is well? If anything a challenge in life or the so called failure is the first indicator of promotion, growth ,change and eventually success.

So where exactly do we miss the point? well the first thing you need is to ignore all that's in the physical( what you see and here) because its all determined by your thoughts. Positive mental energies in this case have a rippling effect on ones behavior , habits character and eventually the outcome of the initial thought to overcome failure is conceived hence resulting in pursuit our destiny.

focus and goal orientation are contributing factors to successful people,the difference is the opportunity in the challenge. successful people create a niche that only they can survive in for they dare and pursue the impossible they dwell on creation in their minds.

thus acknowledging failure is a fragment of be continued
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