Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tragic accident between a train and a bus in Umoja Mutindwa road

Umoja residents have woken up to a sad morning after a train collided with a bus at Mutindwa Market.The umoja bus crash accident happened after the bus was caught up on traffic and was not able to evade the train.Umoinner buses have been plying the buru buru route to avoid traffic jam at Donholm roundabout.
6 people so far have been confirmed dead and many others injured.

Umoinner buses that ferry people from Umoja Nairobi area have recently been involved in accidents causing people to speculate that they are affiliated to Illuminati.Now you can say anything folks but we need our drivers to sober up and learn from the loss of lives that takes place everyday in Kenya.The train has a fixed schedule to pick people at Mutindwa market and its no surprise that bus ought to have given way to the train first.
I have never understood how so many accident happen and i mean on a daily basis, innocent Kenyans losing lives due to either roadworthy vehicles, over speeding, reckless drunk drivers and roads. We can only hope for journey mercies going by the way things are.This accident could have happened to a matatu or even a private vehicle.

My final say is a rule has to be made that no car crosses the railway line 10 minutes before the train passes, also they have to think and redesign the whole set up on that intersection.
We wish all casualties quick recovery and Rest in peace to the fallen passengers.