Breaking Bad finale Episode was the bomb

Am a breaking bad die hard fan and I got to say I was kinda disappointed that it came to an end.But every good thing reaches an end point. i watched Breaking bad last episode, it was one hell of anticipation all through. If you haven't watched the series you should be looking for it ASAP. With ratings of 9.5 from IMDB you bet its worth the title of one of the best series of all time. The finale episode of breaking bad was filled with suspense and different turn of events. Jesse Pinkman worked against Walter white trying to revenge for the attempted poisoning of his girlfriend's son. I thought he would realize that all the time it was Walter's plan to do that to save the day.

I have watched many series but breaking bad top it all from the Cast. Especially Saul Goodman the lawyer, “better call Saul”, “If you're committed enough, you can make any story work. I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it” - Saul Goodman .The only time Saul didn't have a solution to crisis was when he advised Walter to go MIA. For those who have not watched the show yet I don't want to dish some spoilers to you guys. A good TV series consists of suspense and living you anxious for the next dramatic thing to happen. But be warned there will be many casualties on this final episode of breaking bad.

 Even though I was pissed by some of Walters antics on this final episode of breaking bad, like for instance the part where Jesse Pinkman and Hank(DEA boss) set up Walter by sending him a photo suggesting they had found the stash of money Walter hid in the desert. I think Walter was not smart enough to rush first to the scene. All through it has been very hard to corner the guy and he has always played smart and cautious. Anyway overall the plot played well at the end I was happy he managed to revenge and get back to the guys who stole his money. Now that breaking bad is over I will be waiting for the return of Game of thrones season 4 on 2014.Currently I want to continue watching Homeland. Check out other series I like here.
Bye folks
Breaking Bad finale Episode was the bomb Breaking Bad finale Episode was the bomb Reviewed by Elvis Msmart on 09:08 Rating: 5
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