Some of my favorite Novels i enjoy reading

The last two months I have decided to reduce the rate at which I watch movies or series, so am reading novels now. Books are more detailed compared to movies. Most movies actually are as a result of a novel or sequel. Take for instance movies such as Angels & Demons, Bourne Ultimatum, The client, The Godfather and many more. Most of the movies have been made based on the books.

When it comes to novels John Grisham is one hell of a good writer. The first book I read is The Firm. Now the firm is a very interesting story about a Harvard lawyer, who get’s hired on the Firm. If you have watched and enjoyed The Firm Season 1 then it shouldn’t come as a surprise the book is even more detailed than the TV series.

The firm is one of John Grisham’s first works and was published in 1991. For a short glimpse about the book, it revolves around Mitch Mcdeere a young and brilliant lawyer who is ready to start practicing Taxation law. He gets hired by a small but rich law firm that little is known about. The firm is strict about who they hire and run background checks before hiring lawyers. Most of the lawyers are straight from Harvard. Mitch Mcdeere inquisitive nature leads him to discover that his employer is running dirty deals for a powerful Mafia family. Mitch digs in into the firm to try to unearth the truth with the help of the FBI. Get the book to find out what happens when the firm identifies Mitch as the mole selling information to the FBI.

The second book I have read is the Hunger games, based on the book the Hunger Games, I didn’t manage to watch the hunger games. But my friends tell me the movie was not worth all the hype. But I understand you can’t cover a whole book in a movie.

 The hunger games is based on story about an apocalyptic era where hunger games consists of a selection of competitors called Tributes who participate in a battle to death. The winner takes the crown. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta are the major attraction and will battle out with other tributes from other cities. Katniss uses her hunting skills to survive. It’s a very interesting adventure, action and science fiction type of novel. Hunger games is the first novel on the hunger games trilogy which is followed by Catching Fire and then mocking Jay all adapted from the first book. Once you read the hunger games you will understand what the mocking jay is.

Fifty shades of grey, not your average adventure or action novel  this book is based on a young college senior student named Ana who meets Christian a rich and good looking CEO on an interview. Ana is covering for Kate her best friend who is not feeling well. She gets attracted to Christian during the interview only for Christian to appear at her workplace. After finishing her exam Ana, Kate and Jose go to the club to celebrate. She ends up drunk dialing Christians who later comes and picks her and takes her to his house. Christian is not the normal romantic, flower kind of guy; they get intimate and agree to have a relationship based on BDSM (Google that it’s hard to explain). To cut the story short this is an interesting erotic story kind of novel. I enjoyed reading although am not planning to read the next book on this Fifty shades Trilogy. The book is going to be made to a movie soon.

The Poet by Michael Connelly is a story about a crime reporter whose cop brother suicide death elicits an investigation of a string of murders. Jack McEvoy is the only guy who thinks that his brother’s death was not a suicide. After unearthing the killer’s pattern by the Poem and notes left jack together with FBI agents start tracking the killer who is very careful. The killer targets cops who are working on homicide cases, he kills them to make it look like a suicide after the cops fail to find the culprits. I couldn’t stop reading this book. I would describe it as a novel with a suspense and turn of events. If your into investigative and crime thriller novels then you should look for this novel.

Lastly am reading Gone tomorrow by Lee Child to be honest am still trying to figure out the book as I haven’t gone very far. But the story is already building up and becoming better.

So there you have it guys if you know of any interesting novels that you have read or would recommend. Probably Crime thrillers, Drama, Action are my favorites. Leave a comment here.
Some of my favorite Novels i enjoy reading Some of my favorite Novels i enjoy reading Reviewed by Elvis Msmart on 07:37 Rating: 5
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