Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Peaceful Proseperous Optimistic Kenya is what we look forward to on March 4

We heading to the general elections soon, we all know how last time it ended up ugly. If you proud of being called a Kenyan then you understand that we are not many tribes, but one tribe  Kenyans’ have never heard of anybody that goes in another country and markets his tribe or when asked where do you come from says Central, Coast or Nyanza. We are one Kenya and we will remain before and after elections. Let’s cast our votes wisely and peacefully.
Let’s understand that our leaders got their interests vested in the positions that they are vying for, what are your interests. We live together every day, work together, struggle together and share the joy and victories together.
Let’s vote reasonably and focus, I know most people vote because the leader is popular. Opinion polls have their jobs and trust me they thrive and get their daily bread from the Polls.
Think about the aftermath of elections. None of the leaders will pay your bills; invite you for lunch or thank you by giving you some favors. The Kenya that we always look for or dream of is determined by you and me. After all  the leaders come to get your votes because we are the determinant of our future.
Therefore don't blame the leaders when you go quarreling and fighting with your fellow Kenyans because they have different t views on who they will vote for.
Am looking forward to peaceful  march 4 elections. Am optimistic that we are in a much better state than the previous last general elections, am positive and will not encourage the thought of any post-election troubles.
Love + Peace + Happiness + Bright Kenya

KCSE 2012 results to be released soon

The kenya national  council of kenya have decided to release the kcse 2012 results on friday five days to the 2013 kenyan general elections.
These means candidates who sat for their exams will be receiving the results earlier than the normal time, precisely one week.
For me i see it reasonable to get the results earlier than the results for the Kenyan general elections.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things,
but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave
their future in someone else's hands, but not you.
Jim Rohn

Monday, 4 February 2013

Top 10 android cheap phones in kenya

Huawei U8150 -

This phone was released in the year 2010, and has sold over two hundred and ten thousands according to safaricom.The first ideos android phone to hit the Kenyan market.It even got the nickname "idiot" phone.
The ideos still packs some good features.
Camera:3.15px,3G high speed internet,WI-fi,TFT 256k colors touch screen and runs on Android OS v2.2.Basic android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket -

Is an all in one smartphone, the phone boasts an internal memory of 3GB and runs on android v2.3 gingerbread.Its also fully touch and has a 256k color capacitive screen with Touch wiz technology to ensure ease in navigating the screen.Other features include Wi-fi,stereo fm.The only drawback to these amazing phone is its mere 2.0 mega pixel camera.The phone was introduced to the Kenyan market in early May 201

Huawei Ideos Y100 -

The huawei ideo Y100 is the 2rd android low budget smartphone introduced to the market by safaricom after the U8150.its an upgrade of the ideos u8150 which was a major hit in Kenya.It runs on android v2.3, has a 3.15 megapixel camera and supports wi-fi together with tethering.It has a slightly faster processor of 800mhz compared to the U815.The phone retails at 8500ksh around $100.Safaricom have a promo offer that enables you to purchase it half with the 5000 bonga points + 4,500/=.This phone has opened the market for other Huawei phones such as the first Huawei windows phone

LG optimus L3 E400 -

LG have introduced the Optimus L series smartphones in kenya and this one is one of them.It has an internal memory of 1GG smaller compared to the Galaxy pocket.The internal memory is 34MB quite small for people who use install big android apps. The L3 has a very stylish shape that distinguishes it from other brands.You can take nice photos with its 3.15 megapixel camera and it also has big display screen of 3.2 inches good for viewing photos or watching you tube videos.It also runs on android v2.3.The only drawback is its screen resolution is not very sharp compared to the Alcatel OT 918.The phone retails at 9,999/=  or 5000 bonga points + 4,999 at safaricom shops.

Alcatel OT 918 -

These smart phone packs good features and will make you think twice about Alcatel phones which have been underrated in the past.It comes with a 3.15mp camera,650mhz speed processor,320 x 480 pixels screen with 180 ppi pixel density making it have a very clear screen resolution.It also has a 150MB storage and 512MB rom and 256 MB ram.These is a very fast phone on loading application like games,Google maps and will allow you to multitask comfortably.It runs android v2.3.These phone retails very cheap at only 8500 and 4999+5000 bonga points on safaricom shops

Samsung galaxy Y duos -

These is a budget priced smartphone from Samsung who have in the recent past been producing smartphones at a very high rate.Powered by android OS 2.3 (gingerbread) and a 832mhz processor.Its also very stylish and sleek phone plus its a dual-Sim capability that lets you switch to different service providers.It has a 3.15 megapixel camera and as usual supports WI-fi.One missing thing with these budget smartphones is the front camera for video chatting or making Skype calls via the phone.

 Tecno N3 -
 Believe me or not but Tecno has come of age, these is evident by the release of these Android smart phone.It's powered by Android 2.3.5 and runs on 800mhz  single core processor.The phone also boasts of a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.Very good feature for people who enjoy a big screen.

These phone will be retailing in the Kenyan market at around 8000ksh around $94 dollars.Tecno N3 is dual sim and comes in a variety of colors ranging from Black,yellow, blue,green and pink.
 The phone also come pre-loaded with social media apps such as Facebook,Skype,LinkedIn etc.
You don't have to worry about memory for your music or photos after buying the phone it comes with an 8GB Micro-SD card and can support up to 32gb memory.
Other features
  • 512MB internal memory
  • 256MB RAM
  • Microsoft office document viewer for Word,Excel and PowerPoint files
  • PDF reader
Intel Yolo Smartphone - 
The smartphone is one of Intels product for African consumers.Safaricom Kenya announced the smartphone in kenya at an entry price of 10,999ksh.
The phone is powered by Intel Atom Z2460 procesor design by Intel.it also has a 3.5 inch display touchscreen, a 5 Megapixel camera and runs on Android 4.0 OS.
It will also come pre-loaded with 500mb according to safaricom.The phone aims to capture the African market smartphones segment with a powerful phone that can process applications faster and achieve good performance.

Its also a HSPA+ speed with 3G connectivity.Its camera is relatively good compared to the low cost android phones in the market that have a 2- 3 megapixels camera.

And if you are looking for midrange smartphone after having a low budget android phone check our midrange smartphones list on this post

Feb 4 2013 daily quote

I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the
ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.
Anthony Robbins