Top 10 android Free applications and Utilities for a New android phone

Top 10 android Free applications and Utilities for a New android phone

Astro File manager/Browser
One of the best file manager for android phones in the market.Astro File manager come browser 4.2.463 can be used to manage files on your phone and synchronise your files over multiple cloud storage services such as Dropbox,sykdrive,google drive and the likes.It also works as a Media gallaries for your photos with very clear view.Another very good feature is the ability to Copy and move your files accross folders on your phones or PC.You can also view different formats of files using the application such as Zip/Tar files.For more about the app visit check it here

Bible App
One of the most downloaded apps in the world.The bible android app is completely free.It comes with different version of the bible such us KJV,NIV e.t.c.My favorite is the amplified version.SOme of the features that make it useful are Highlighting scriptures,bookmarks and you can also make notes as you read.It also has numerous reading plans for daily devotion.With the lates version of the Bible  app ver 4.3.5 you can download offline version to read when you don't have internet connection.All you need to do is create an accout with Youversion and get started. Check it on play store link

Maxthon Browser
Looking for a phone browser thats fast,secure and smart then check out Maxthon Cloud Browser.It works well to sync your browsing session on different devices i.e your PC,Tablet, and android Phone.You can resume your tabs from where you left off during the last session.It also supports cloud storage download meaning your downloads via the browser are safely stored and can be accessed later.Other features include add-ons support like RSS feed,task killer,file manager e.t.c.YOu can also switch from Destop view(www) to WAP view easily.Its also resizes your pages to fit the different devices used.Check it on play store link

Protecting your android phone or tablet is a must.Avast free mobile security protects your phone from Virus,Malware and spyware.With the many android apps being developed its always good to scan them before installing them, and avast lets you do that by scanning the memory card and phone memory.Another feature is its Anti theft and lock that can be used to remotely lock your device incase you want to keep your data safe.YOu can also use it to block numbers you don't want contact from.Check it on play store link

Is a free english dictionary app that gives you meaning for phrases words and even voice pronounciation for differnet words.Check it on play store link

TuneIn Radio
Bored with your normal radio stations availabel on you android Fm radio.Get TuneIn radio and access more than 70,000 live radio stations all over the world.Lets you choose from different genres from Spots,news,comedy,RnB,Hip hop etc.You can also share the current radio session of Facebook or twitter.check out TuneInradio 8.0

I bet everyone should be using these application for daily communication and chat with your friends.One of the best messengers in the market overtaking Skype and yahoo messengers in the market.The good thing its absolutel free,if $0.99/year is too much for you.Its supported on almost all android Phones.With Whatsapp you can share Videos,phots,voice notes with friends seamlessly.I will not talk much about it but one feature that i like about it is you can load your contact from your Hotmail or Microsoft exchange account anytime you upgrade to a new android phone.I will later talk about it.Check it on play store link

Is the number one free apps that helps you keep upto date and stay organized.You can write ideas,capture notes,photos and keep a to-do list in the best systematic way.It also has the abiltiy to sync and share files.The premium version has more features such as taking notebooks offline for future access.If you are keen on planning for meetings,keeping memos,even grocery lists then you shouldn't miss this awesome application.Check it on play store link

Following the closure of Google Reader the official RSS reader now you can read and manage your RSS feeds using Feedly.Now you can follow all your favorite blogs using your device.It works well with 4" phone and 7" tablets.Don't forget you can also sync your former google reader feeds and import them.Check it on the play store link

Other applications that i have left out but are popular and you all know about include Facebook for android,Instagram,Iplayer from BBC,Winamp for playing music,Talking Tom,Dropbox for sharing files,Skype for communication, Tapatalk for connecting to your favorite forums e.t.c

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