Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Peaceful Proseperous Optimistic Kenya is what we look forward to on March 4

We heading to the general elections soon, we all know how last time it ended up ugly. If you proud of being called a Kenyan then you understand that we are not many tribes, but one tribe  Kenyans’ have never heard of anybody that goes in another country and markets his tribe or when asked where do you come from says Central, Coast or Nyanza. We are one Kenya and we will remain before and after elections. Let’s cast our votes wisely and peacefully.
Let’s understand that our leaders got their interests vested in the positions that they are vying for, what are your interests. We live together every day, work together, struggle together and share the joy and victories together.
Let’s vote reasonably and focus, I know most people vote because the leader is popular. Opinion polls have their jobs and trust me they thrive and get their daily bread from the Polls.
Think about the aftermath of elections. None of the leaders will pay your bills; invite you for lunch or thank you by giving you some favors. The Kenya that we always look for or dream of is determined by you and me. After all  the leaders come to get your votes because we are the determinant of our future.
Therefore don't blame the leaders when you go quarreling and fighting with your fellow Kenyans because they have different t views on who they will vote for.
Am looking forward to peaceful  march 4 elections. Am optimistic that we are in a much better state than the previous last general elections, am positive and will not encourage the thought of any post-election troubles.
Love + Peace + Happiness + Bright Kenya