Saturday, 20 April 2013

10 reasons why you should get a Gmail or Google account

If you haven’t gotten a Gmail or Google account you should rush and get one ASAP. A Gmail account will give you access to many services and applications that Google offers. I was one day just like you, with only a Yahoo account, am not trying to blow the trumpet for Google because all of you use it on a daily basis to do searches on almost everything. Some very weird search phrases. When they say you can find almost everything you imagine of in the internet. I believe its very much possible.
Besides using Google for such I will show you some of the major useful services that you can use to make use of your Google account some that you know and some that you never knew.

Gmail is email service for Google for sending and receiving mails. When you sign up for a Gmail account you get access to almost all Google services. So these should be your first step.

Free service for chatting with your friends on you Gmail friend list. You can download the PC version to just like the Yahoo messenger. The best part about Gtalk is that you can chat and send SMS for free to mobile numbers of your contacts.

3.Google reader
Google reader is an RSS feed services that delivers feeds from websites and blogs that you follow. Unfortunately Google is facing off the service; I wish I never included it here because am also going to feel the loss. You can read blog posts on Google reader on updates on websites that you follow without leaving the page.

4.Google drive
Google’s platform for sharing and storing documents. Upload and download files from anywhere by logging in to Google drive or installing the application on you computer. The best part of Google drive is when installed on a computer it synchronizes the documents on the Google drive folder on my documents and keeps all the documents up to date. Maximum storage offered is 5GB.

Free blogging platform from Google. Best free blogging tools that you can get from the internet after wordpress. Blogger gives you the power to blog and produce content. I also use it and would recommend it. It’s very easy to set up and manage even for none tech savvy people. You can later purchase a private domain to gain more authority.

6.Google chrome
Ever wondered what the fastest browser is. Look no further. Google chrome is one of the fastest and trendiest browsers in the market. I have come to like the browser due to its chrome webstore applications that are accessible after logging in. It also has a variety of themes to enhance the look and feel as you browse the internet. You can add all your favorites applications and games on the homepage.e.g  Dropbox,Need for speed,twitter,Evernote,Facebook,tweetdeck,angry birds e.t.c

7.Google playstore
central market place for movies, music, magazines and Android applications. You can find all the latest applications being developed for android phones both free and retail.

8.Google docs
Google docs is an online version for accessing your documents. Mostly word processing documents excel worksheets or presentations on PowerPoint. it can be very frustrating when you want to open a Microsoft word document and the computer doesn't have it installed, Google doc will enable you to copy the documents and in some instances edit them. Also viewing the documents.

9.Google Picasa

is a Photo sharing service by Google that lets you upload, tag, and share photos. To access the service you need to have signed up with Google + for a free account. You can organize you photos in albums. It also gives you the option to edit the photos. Another advantage is you can link to the photos from your Picasa albums on blog posts or on your websites.

10.Other includes YouTube – video sharing service by Google and one of the most popular in the market.
Google maps – For checking geographical location and directions. Maps will give you a point to point direction on the routes you can take from Point A to B
Google shopping – online shopping place to trade and purchase merchandize.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Latest Kenyan local music videos on my playlist

Latest Kenyan local music videos on my playlist.

Well I haven’t been listening to a lot of local Kenyan songs in the recent past. I realized so much in terms of Kenyan local music has passed. Not because there are no good songs or artiste, well Kenyan artist are very unpredictable. Most of them being one hit wonder. My question is are they really into music or are they just trying to test the waters and see if the reception will be good then continue with their careers. It’s a competitive and tough world in to make it in the Kenyan music industry. Especially living off your career from the money made from music sales is not even realistic. We love free things and don’t value the effort the musician put to their music to produce, shoot videos and market their songs by pirating their songs had a very sad story about Rose muhando’s music video getting pirated in Muthurwa hours after shooting the video in our beloved country.
I think we have a long way to go to start buying records from our artistes and promoting the industry. But also the artistes need to up their game in terms of the quality of lyrics and videos. When I say lyrics I also mean the message they try to convey in their songs. Most songs that our artistes chuck can only hit in our backyard. Songs that rarely attract listeners from worldwide, But I have encountered local Kenyan songs that have very poor lyrics but very nicely done videos. I think there is a very big market for good lyricists in Kenya. If only we had our very own R. Kelly’s, NEYO, Alicia keys and Mariah Carrey’s. For me to get wooed by Kenyan music the artists got to up their lyrics by all means necessary. At least most videos being released right now are good compared to 2 or 3 years ago, big up all producers and those behind the videos.
Anyway I wanted to highlight some of the songs I have come across these week that I have kept re-playing some not because the lyrics are good or the videos are stunning but they can hold their own In the competition.
One of my favorite artistes is Wyre, his music and videos never disappoint. His latest collaboration with Juakali is called Khadija. Nice song and video check it out its brand new.Wyre ft Juacali - Khadija remix

These other one was also a mad tune is Dancehall party.i don't understand how these song didn't rule the charts.

P-Unit have also been consistent in chucking good songs. Well they have mastered their act and it seems to be doing well with the current generation of music lovers. I will not delve into their older songs which I also think were done very well. But You Guy was my favorite, read (the sexy models on the videos). Everybody has been talking about the bootylicious video vixen on the video. What’s her name?  Vee S  something. She packs quite some stronghold!!.Bottom line the video is good.

 The next video Fimbo chapa..i still don’t understand which fimbo they are talking about.
DNa is back in the music scene, reminds me of Banjuka that brought him to the scene.The song also has variety of artiste i guess from signed to grandpa records, the likes of Gangalito,QTY.etc

Tokelezea – just like its title the video and song tokelezead good. I have always listened to Abbas songs from way back since the days of K-South when they used to spit with Bamboo. These guys could have taken Kenyan hiphop far if they were consistent and stuck to that shit. Plus the beautiful ……??

The next video makes to the list by the fact that it was a tight collaboration of famous cats in the industry from Prezzo,nikki, wyre and the main man Abbas. Chapaa Remix - Prezzo,Wyre,Abbas,Nikki,Cannibal,DnG

To end my list i got to say Redsan’s latest song is a mad tune..For those who haven’t had of it its called Badder than most.Redsan is known to chuck nice videos with fly mamasilas. Am looking out for the video, which I expect to be amazing. Check out the audio

There you have it might not be the best songs but that’s what been playing on my screen these week.Looking out for more good Local songs and videos to come.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cinemax's New Original Action Series Banshee

I stumbled upon Cinemax's New Original Action Series banshee during the Easter holidays. I got to say it’s very interesting and captivating. I couldn’t leave the screen until I finished watching the 10 episodes.

Banshee is about an Ex-thief who is released from jail for stealing diamonds from his former boss. He is determined to find her accomplice and lover who got away with the loot. He gets word that the former flame run away to a distant town named Banshee to start a new life and family.

On a mission to find her he goes to banshee only for her to tell him that she doesn’t have the diamonds. This ex-thief will do everything to get back to her and the diamonds. Opportunity strikes and the Sheriff dies and he takes the identity of Lucas Hood the new sheriff in town. He must pretend to be the sheriff by apprehending criminals and bringing sanity to the town.

Banshee is full of violence and criminals such as the crime kingpin Kai Proctor who is ruthless in his shady businesses. Lucas hood has a tough job ahead trying to reclaim his lover and fighting crimes.

If you are looking for an action packed series similar to Strikeback which also happens to be a Cinemax's Action Series then you should check out for this series. It’s graced by different stars such as the beautiful Ivana Millevic who plays Anastasia, Young Rebecca bownan who also happens to be Proctors niece. She lives two lives one pretending to be religious to her family but still finding time to dish the goods to Lucas hood on his sex escapades.check out more TV series here

I won’t let you know of everything that happen just check it out for yourself.

The show is rated 8.1 out of 10 by IMDB. Don’t forget this show is rated so be ready for some very steamy scenes and serious action.