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If everyone is busy making everything, how can anyone perfect anything? We start to confuse convenience with joy,abundance with choice. Designing something requires focus. The first thing we ask is what do we want people to feel: delight, surprise, love, connection. Then we begin to craft around our intention. It takes time.. there are a thousand no's for every yes'. we simplify, we perfect, we start over, until everything we touch enhances each life it touches. Only then do we sign our work.'
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Long time ago sometime last year there existed an iPhone 4s. I marveled at that thing every single time i lay my eyes on it. At that time i did not know how to operate the device 100%. just the basics. Cliche, you never realize how much you love something until its lost. In this case literally lost. Some iPhone thief robbed my best friend of his iPhone. i know i know at first you all thought it was mine well I'm not embarrassed. Right now i cant afford one shocker!
enough of that.
Today we talk about The iPhone . It doesn't matter whether 3 4s or 5 or 5s. An iPhone is too awesome , to me its a groundbreaking device of the future. You know how cell phone companies or any other company for that matter comes up with new things every once in a while, well not Apple Inc. They perfect what they already have. Too wise.Hands down we all know the iPhone is the most stylish device in the world- i wont go into so much detail just the tip.:)
Its a cell phone, an iPod, an internet communicator and an awesome software that makes the iPhone the ultimate cell phone. so, what makes the iPhone the ultimate device you ask, thank God for me because I'll explain all that to you.(comic style-pardon my boy-charm)
if you didn't like batman while growing up may be the iPhone is not for You. I'm relating to this toon because batman is too cool and so are all his gadgets, if you differ you can eat 2 big thumbs. Fans of batman like real fans of batman, even if they don't know it, are all geeks. And so is the iPhone,geeky. To operate an iPhone it requires a batman-like(if you like iron man-like) level of technical knowledge to get to. Lets start with the basic features.Like i said earlier the iPhone has similar features to any smartphone difference is they are made to perfection.

Basic feature no 1: Its dialing interface and all its features, not only does the iPhone have easy to access speed dial lists, call history and contacts there is also a giant traditional dial pad as well. The distinctive feature that separates the iPhone from the mediocre smartphones is its integration. evidently in the way you can easily bring up your friends addresses in Google maps, the flawless way they sync with Address Book on the Mac and Outlook on the PC, and how you can easily assign unique ringtones and pictures to all your contacts without getting mixed up along the way, you know what i mean, I’ve been a victim of that once or twice forced again to be mediocre as the 'smartphone' itself.

Basic feature no 2: The inbuilt iPod (not that basic after all). Apple’s taken everything that was great about the music player you (most likely) already own and they’ve made it even better; seriously. Instead of the touch-sensitive Click Wheel, you’ve got an entire screen to frolic around on. If you tilt the iPhone to the side, you get the beautiful Cover Flow mode, which lets you flip through your album covers like you would on your shelf (assuming you own both albums and a shelf to place them on). Plus, there’s gigantic album art whenever you’re playing a song, one-click access to many functions that were up to four-clicks away on an iPod, and convenient integration with the rest of the iPhone’s features. What do we mean by that? How about to pause a song automatically when receiving an incoming call?

Basic feature no. 3: A full featured internet communicator. Orange service provider attendants will back me up on this. At this point you are wondering what can apple do to make the iPhone incredible than it already is with everything mentioned above? One word; and that’s Safari. Safari is Apple's internet browser which gives you desktop quality web browsing which by now I’m guessing you are straining reading what’s written on your shrunken and dumb ed down browser on your phone. It also has awesome interfaces on inbuilt applications like the mailbox, Google maps, weather, stocks and YouTube. I mean with the iPhone you can comfortably leave your laptop behind wherever you go. Class and style is what you get from this awesome device.

To wrap it up I’ll leave all you wise guns with a simple real life sit, why i would buy an iPhone over any smart phone. Simple, using an iPhone is like traveling to an easy tourist destination say Mombasa(kwetu) first class by air, over, hear this, not business class nor third class but by road: channia bus. Think about it, an 'Apple' everyday doesn’t sound so bad does it. Blessed weekend fellas
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