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I’m a geek scratch that I’m not that smart so let’s go with nerd. I watch lots of movies! I spend my free time lazing around; maybe in a good day I’d do something on my computer. I love machines too (computers or techy gadgets). All that love you would assume I’m using a state of the art machine, well u guessed right. HP envy dv6 check it out, it will blow your mind to ash!!

Back to my point, i love movies. And on my holidays i collected all time classics dating from way back up to today. Prove me wrong, i always stand to be corrected, the greatest movies of all time ceased to be produced from '06. I formulated a list that i believe will crush your brains to a black screen :) And the countdown begins.

No. 8
Any movie with the actors Al Pacino and De Niro is simply a masterpiece! De Niro is by far my favorite. Most of these movies rated above R by the latter. I mean you’d actually mistake the fucker to a real mafia. It’s about a hardcore thief who pulls off heists like they were nothing. And obviously the protagonist is the detective who dedicates all his time and available resource to catching the antagonist. Really good watch! This movie is about 2hrs 40mins of your well spent life. No regrets.
No. 7
We’ve all watched this movie. If u haven’t you should probably hang yourself. It’s a nice watch. The first time i watched it i got really emotional my head ached for hours. There is nothing much to say about this flick. It was mostly a chick flick but c'mon lets give credit where it’s due. The director James Cameron made a masterpiece and the whole world knows it.

No. 6

I can’t convince anyone to watch a movie that made movies. I mean freaking '42!! f'n incredible. Set in the World War II era. This movie is too awesome i even uploaded the thing! :) Feast your eyes.

No. 5
starring:russel crowe
Set in the era when Julius Caesar ruled Rome( i don't know the collective term used to describe this era). the last time i watched this movie i was playing soccer with the boys with no shoes dirt all over. it made an impact the size of a crater. Russel Crowe was really good in the movie. it takes no. 5 in the list

starring: Al Pacino
You can all suck my big left thumb. I can hear what you're all saying. I have bad taste, putting Scarface at no 4. No my taste is impeccable! All you should care about is that it made it to my list. It’s an amazing movie. You can't afford to miss it.

No. 3
DiCaprio Joseph Gordon Levitt,tom hardy,You note that I’m contradicting myself right now; initially i explained that good movies died after 06. Inception premiered 2011; it is no. 3 as a necessity. If it were up to me it would have made no. 1. I  love the movie I've watched this movie over 10 times and I'd still do it again today before i sleep just to prove a point. Just to prove my mastery I'll give you the plot! It’s about a professional extractor who extracts information (crucial): organization secrets, blueprints to anything you name it. Di Caprio has an elite team of 5. The interesting bit is that the extraction occurs in your dream. Your subconscious stores lots of secrets, all your secrets. This team consists of an architect who designs the interface of your dream. Exactly how it would appear if we would say be in it. My good friend Dante loves the movie already this means i should stop there for now. Get the movie on any site. Preferably on hd tv! For those who have watched it rematch it! IMDB rated it 8. I give it a freaking 10...sue me

No. 2
good fellas(1990)
de niro ,joe pesci

I used to hear how grown ups talked of mafia n how they ran there empires. Now this movie explains how it all happened, so real. Like i said earlier De Niro never lets me down, one of his best works until now. I won’t say much about it.

No. 1
the departed(2006)
DiCaprio Matt Damon mark wahlberg .various

Now if you think I’m over upselling this movie you should maybe get it and be the judge of that. Martin Scorsese is a genius. This movie will make you want to cry. It will make u idolize actors and the men behind the camera. It will make you loathe Transformers series. You’d wish to meet the director and personally congratulate him for a job well done all those years back. Enough of that shit .Get the movie now.
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