How to increase the size of your internal memory android phone

Anybody who owns and android phone in Kenya knows that at one point the internal memory reduces and keeps prompting you to uninstall programs to free memory. It’s a very irritating feeling when anytime you come across a nice application the internal memory limits you from installing it.

Even the best smart phones encounter these challenges and will need you to either upgrade to a phone with a bigger internal memory or remove some apps. That doesn’t mean that all phones have this limitation. Some android phones allow you to move applications directly to the External memory but unfortunately some apps cannot be moved.

You have two options you can use to overcome low internal memory on an android phone. One of course is to clear your memory by removing some of your applications completely. I will give you some tips on what applications you can use to monitor the phones memory. Most of the time some apps occupy a big temporary memory called cache. By installing a cache cleaner app, you can clear quite some space but that still will not be sufficient if you plan to install big apps. One of the best cache cleaner apps I use is called Clean master.This app is able to clear your apps and also end processes that could be slowing down your phone by occupying the phones Random access memory.

So to accomplish our objective which is clearing our memory and moving our applications to the external memory we need to first format the memory card to a Linux extension that will be accepted by the phones android operating system. Get the following software called software called minitools to format or partition your External memory.

I recommend using EXT2 file format. After formatting the memory card install Link2sd applications from Google market.Link2sd is a powerful app which will assist you to move your applications installed on the internal memory to your External memory. Some phones that use custom ROMs have the inbuilt CWM recovery which can be found by booting the phone to recovery. Using this option you can partition your memory card directly. By doing this you will have solved your low internal memory notification which is very irritating. You can also be able to list know where apps are installed and decide what you will move to your external memory. After launching Link2sd, it will ask you for root permission to be able to manage application and move them to the external memory.

Make sure you tick allow app to gain super user access. Note not all apps are advisable to be moved to your external memory card. Anytime you restart your phone apps on your memory card will take some time before loading. Also apps used for instance to track your phone or manage apps are better left on your internal memory. I almost forgot to tell you that routing your phone is paramount for link2sd to work. Make sure your android phone is routed for some of the programs to work correctly.
If all this methods don’t work, it’s time to move on and get a better phone. Most android phones in Kenya have are cheap and pack many features. With 10,000/= you can get a phone with good specs such as 2GB internal memory.
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