Alfred Mutua the Pacesetter

Every kao wants to be associated with Machakos County since Alfred Mutua became the governor. Well we can’t blame him for making it the next haven for development and a growing infrastructure. Let’s start with the Machakos stadium .It may not come close to Kasarani but it’s better than what was there before. After that came the amphitheatre, sincerely I had to Google that. It’s some kind of open air venue used to entertain people. Like what used to be used in the ancient Roman Empire during gladiator fighting.
A governor who cares about the healthcare of his people ought to be applauded. And that’s what Mutua has done by providing them a fleet of 70 ambulances. According to him, they are going to cater for emergencies such as pregnant women who need to be rushed to hospitals. Many people have different views about what Alfred Mutua has done, but who dare point a finger when their county still relies on the same stingy budget while some of them take unnecessary allowances to stay at Hotels and build mansions for themselves. The ambulance may not be state of art but at least they can ferry a victim of our roadworthy road and reckless driver’s misfortunes.
Next is his machawood film, media and music project. Will this be the next Hollywood in machakos or Kenya? Well it’s too early to tell but a good start. As a country we still need to up our game in terms of the quality of our productions and acting. The Nigerians have stuck to their Nollywood which many criticize but it keeps growing. Actually our Kenyan actors are moving to Nigeria to share the same success stories of Nollywood. I can’t say much about the machawood, but time will tell. The county has produced comedians such as Churchill, Chipukeezy and veteran radio presenter Caroline Mutoko.
Most of our politicians are opportunist looking to make a buck and then varnish. Our so called leaders only want to get recognized when they want to woe voters. And others only come to the rescue of the common mwanainchi when it’s too late or when they know they will use the opportunity to garner support and recognition. Otherwise you will never find a politician starting an initiative like the one started when there was a major food shortage. Makes me wonder do they wait for someone to blow the whistle for them to start running the race or what’s wrong with them.
Now too much of politics, Mutua is not the type of governor who will wait up to the fourth term in office to try and do a hasty job for his county. His style of leadership is straight to the point, starting right away what others ought to be doing. Politician ought to realize they are elected to perform and show results, not sit and enjoy the sweat of Kenyans paying taxes everyday.
Now this guy has a big dream for his county. Going by the things he has achieved I would comfortably vote him as best performing governor in the country. Even on Facebook I see guys sharing his next agenda on their Facebook wall, feeling hopeful just like we did during Peter Kenneth’s campaign period. I hope people will vote wisely next time for leaders who have a vision and care about the legacy they leave. Many leaders don’t give a damn what will happen when they leave the office. After all Kenyans most likely will vote you out without holding you accountable for the things that you did wrong or didn’t do. Peculiar people, they just vote you out and enter the next politician with so many agendas only to clinch the seat and forget what they promised.
I just realized I have been ranting about our politician and forgot it was all about Alfred Mutua’s achievement. But lets be real if only one governor is showing some progress in this matter of devolution and the rest are asleep we have a big problem.
Lets just hope the other governors, Nairobi included get the drift on what’s happening and start making changes.
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