Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Corazon releases some photos to prove the naysayers she still got it

Since Kenyans started adoring women with endowed behinds it has become a routine after every few months a new socialite is born. It’s no surprise that Corazon Kwamboka is the new dime in town blessed with a Big behind that is driving men crazy on social media and Google. Last year it was Huddah Monroe who dominated search terms carried out by Kenyans. Did we become too attached to drama that we search in and out about the so called Socialites. So recently I came across a Shady video that Corazon posted on YouTube that have caused uproar with her fans. I didn’t know Kenyans demand quality from this so called big booty socialites. They massacred her with bad reviews and comments about the Video not being up to per with Twerking standards.

I tell you if you gonna shake your money maker you better do it wearing the right outfit and show some ass while you on it. So most guys complaining me excluded did not see any behind nor was she looking sexy in that Oversized pampers looking beach wear. As I always say Kenya is still a free country in you think you can twerk better than her then show us what you got. Well Corazon has not sucked and run away from all the drama, she posted a few sexy photos to prove them haters wrong. I understand she is a lawyer by profession and we all know lawyers don’t kiss a** very often. What do you think of our so called socialites are they taking it too far? What happens when one gets old and the fame is gone or gets dethroned by another one?