What you need to know about public likes kenya before you join

It’s been a long hiatus but something happened recently that prompted me to come back and share some tips and information on the so called public likes. I had a chat with a colleague who was trying to sell the idea to me but he didn’t know I already knew about it and wouldn’t even try to entertain that thought. See I have been doing online and internet marketing for close to a decade. I wish I advised this chap on the consequences, maybe I could have saved him a couple of dollars. As we talk I understand the users are not able to withdraw their money.

Am very disappointed by my fellow Kenyans, I always thought they are smart and quick to spot fakes and scams, this one got them quick. I was browsing on Facebook and I saw a comment by one disappointed user who was complaining on Safaricom Facebook page thinking it has to do with her cash since most probably she sent money to public likes using m-pesa. The funny part was she referred to herself and fellow users as “Clickers” I couldn’t help myself but laugh. I know it’s sad but that’s what you get when the deal is too good. I have just gone through numerous posts on Facebook of guys complaining how they can’t withdraw money, one in particular is a guy complaining how he will lose 45,000/= if the whole deal ends up as a scam.

Anyway let me first say that this was one very clear picture of a fraudulent scheme or whatever you want to call it. Pay per click doesn’t work like what their model was claiming to be. Anytime somebody tells you to pay first so that you start earning, that should be your first red flag.
I just checked the domain (publiclikes.com) it was registered like 4 months ago. Now anytime you are dealing with any website that claims to be legit you must verify how long have they been operating in the market.

Second thing you need to ask yourself is, if it is so successful and promises to pay well who are the owners or founders. How did they start the enterprise? Where are they based at? Do they have an office? I don’t want to list all this questions but we know Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other companies and their owners. I have used Facebook ads before and I paid for my products to be displayed or advertised. I have not heard a situation where you pay to get paid.It doesn't make sense.
For those who want to find out more about how public likes work just Google “Click farm”- It’s a form of soft core fraud where companies pay low amounts of cash for likes, clicks or adverts to generate fake statistics or counter competitor’s adverts. A simple example is fake Facebook pages likes or twitter followers that are bought. Ever wondered where the instant likes and followers come from? That’s food for thought.

The whole system is complex for Kenyans with little online and internet marketing knowledge. My advice is before investing in any business or idea that promises quick cash do some research first. Google is still free from the last time I checked, Lol! Look for reviews and feedback from other people who have used a service or product.  I understand the paybill used to deposit money to the account has been blocked or doesn’t work anymore.

If you doubt what I have said you can go ahead and leave a comment to justify why you should continue using Public likes in Kenya. 
What you need to know about public likes kenya before you join What you need to know about public likes kenya before you join Reviewed by Elvis Msmart on 13:30 Rating: 5
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