Kenya Power prepaid bill payment using MPESA

Our landlord decided that we will no longer use Kenya power postpaid billing system and its time to go the prepaid way. This comes late since the system was introduced early 2013 but still to me its something new but very convenient.
I have done some research and to be honest everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but today morning I woke up to find my electricity gone so I headed to the meter section only to find my units reading zero. So I called their customer service number which I had tried earlier but was not going through, but this time there I waited for only 1 minute and a lady picked and explained to me how to pay my Kenya power prepaid electricity bill.
Some important things to check before the new system is installed in your home make sure you pay the pending postpaid bill.
Second always confirm the meter number when buying the tokens; you may end up buying them for your neighbor.
I am always ready and eager for changes especially when they involve making my life easier, convenience and efficiency is the word. I have been using the postpaid meter which has been working perfectly for me. At least am assured if I miss paying the bill I get some leeway to pay later, unlike the new Kenya power prepaid bill system.
Check the following photo that guides you on how to pay your KPLC prepaid bill using M-PESA or Airtel money. You can also buy the token at any Uchumi supermarket, KCB bank etc.

As much as we hate them for constant blackout especially when you least expect like on weekends I believe everything has its advantage.
I remember one time I paid my bill late having been disconnected I had to find the carts let to get a technician to reconnect mind you I paid the reconnection fee. This will be avoided using the new prepaid Kenya power meters.
For now I know many Kenyans have experienced issues with prepaid tokens delay but that is normal with any system especially if payment is done via mobile money or banks. My advice is always check and confirm your meter number consists of 11 digits. I also got some useful info when I rang their customer service number. You can confirm your account number by dialing 804 then press enter to confirm before making a payment.
I haven't confirmed yet but I believe Safaricom lipa na m-pesa rates apply when making payments through their gateway.
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