AT&T iphone unlock and other networks in kenya

AT&T unlocks for iPhone and Lumia phones are our specialty in Kenya. The last time I wrote about unlocking iPhone locked to AT&T  phones that come from abroad it was still very hard to get the  service at a lower price. But we are glad that Unlocking policies were reviewed in USA and now we can unlock the phones with fewer restrictions. If you got yourself a phone that came from abroad and its locked on any of the following networks we are the right people to help you get it unlocked at the best rates in the market.I have received many inquiries about iPhone unlocking and other phones unlock in the recent past. Other phone models such as Blackberry, Samsung, LG , HTC are supported.
  • AT&T USA
  • Verizon USA
  • EE orange UK
  • Vodafone UK
  • Telus Canada
  • Testra Australia
  • Tmobile UK
  • Bell Canada
  • Rogers Canada
  • Telia Sweden
  • Docomo japan
  • Virgin/Optus Australia
  • Sprint USA
SO far this are the networks I have successfully unlocked and I can say with confident provided the phone is not blacklisted, barred, stolen or iCloud locked we can manage to unlock it successfully.
All unlocks are done remotely that means you don't have to give us your device. Provide us with the IMEI and we submit the IMEI to the respective carrier for unlock. Different international carriers charge different prices to unlock the phones.

Don't throw away that phone which came as a gift from your relatives abroad or lose hope of ever unlocking the phone. Most iPhone will give you the message "Sim Not valid" "The Sim card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy currently assigned by the activation server.."

If you phone cannot be unlocked we always inform you before proceeding, some of the networks that are not supported include KDDI and Softbank.Simply because most Japanese mobile providers don't allow this.
 Please comment or shoot me a mail if you have any phone that you would like to know the Unlock status.If we have unlocked your phone please leave us a positive feedback on our facebook page
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