How to Unbrick or restore a Samsung Galaxy Ace stuck on Samsung Logo

Many newbies brick or corrupt their Android phones when trying to update out of curiosity. This may end up badly sometimes with the phones getting stuck on the Samsung logo on start up. I normally don’t like to work on phones that are stuck on startup but when my friends experience this kind of problems I always assist when I can.
So today I will show you how to unbrick your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i which is bricked. By following these simple instructions you will be able to restore your phone to its factory settings just like when you bought it.
You will need to download ODIN which is the basic software used to flash Samsung phones. I used the following specific version which worked well. You can use other versions it doesn’t matter.
Second download the Firmware files needed. For this specific model I used the files packaged by a member from xdaforum. The firmware is Australian phone based but will work well with any Samsung Galaxy ace S5830i model.You will need this  password: to extract the zip file
The last thing you will need is to have Samsung drivers installed on you PC. I have them pre-installed since I have the latest Kies. But you can Google and find the Samsung USB drivers easily.
Now we are all set to begin the procedure.
  1. First thing is to open ODIN by right clicking and running it as Administrator.
  2. Now the next thing you will do is to put your Samsung ace to download mode by pressing Volume UP + Volume Down + Power button the same time. The phone should display the prompt for getting into download mode which you accept by pressing Volume UP. Some phone may not be able to display anything on the screen but make sure you follow the sequence and ODIN should now detect the phone by displaying the COM port connected via USB.
  3. The next step is to add the files needed to flash to ODIN. Start with the PIT file downloaded together with ODIN version I gave earlier.
  4. Then add the Bootloader file found on the extracted zip, add the PDA file, Phone which is named as MODEMxxxx.tar and finally the CSCxxx.tar file.Make sure you don’t skip any file; also they should indicate success on the left side when they get added successfully on ODIN.
  5. Now you just need to hit start and you Samsung Galaxy ace S5830i firmware will be flashed in about 3 minutes.You should get a message indicating the process has run successfully and you can now unplug your USB cable from you phone. Then phone may restart or you can manually restart the phone. 
  6. Now you may need to change the language and time to complete the Set up.
I hope this will help anybody out there with a Samsung galaxy ace S5830i that’s bricked or unable to boot.
How to Unbrick or restore a Samsung Galaxy Ace stuck on Samsung Logo How to Unbrick or restore a Samsung Galaxy Ace stuck on Samsung Logo Reviewed by Elvis Msmart on 06:19 Rating: 5
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