How to use Find My iPhone to locate and lock your device

This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID , sign in with Apple  ID that was used to set up  this iPhone or iPad” sounds familiar, I know most of you have come across the message and that’s why I  have decided to write this post to inform anyone that has hopes on ever using that iDevice. I have seen numerous remarks and comments on blogs and Facebook pages by users who have such kind of devices locked to apple activation screen. Apple is known to be pioneers of great and unique technology. Now the find my iPhone feature is a very hard to crack feature that comes with devices that run apples IOS 7 and above. This feature when enabled on your iPhone or iPad or any I device will link that device to your iCloud account and will only allow one user to activate the device anytime you wish to use it after its activated.  This is a major breakthrough to deter thieves who steal in the case of android phones and change the IMEI of your devices and sell it later making it difficult to track it or recover it. When find my iPhone is activated it’s very hard for anyone to ever use the device unless they have the Email address and password that is linked to that device. Remember apple devices have to be activated via ITunes for them to register with the network for locked devices and those that have been reported stolen via iCloud. Activating this handy feature is very simple just go to your device Settings>> iCloud>> sign in with your Apple ID>> Turn on Find My iPhone.

Now that you have done that remember if you forget that password and may be you need to restore your device it will be very hard reset it. My advice is using your email address i.e. Gmail or yahoo so that you can reset your password anytime via email. Anytime you want to turn off the feature you will be required to provide the password. Now anybody that comes across your phone and wish to turn the feature off will have to provide the password.

In case you lose or misplace your phone, you can log in via the web on iCloud and track the iPhone, for lost devices you can activate the lost mode and lock it with a four digit passcode to display your phone number in case someone comes across the phone. Next time someone sells to you a sleek iPhone always check that find my iPhone is de-activated on that device. If they are the legit owner of the device they should be able to turn it off. Also I have found a useful website that you can check if that iPhone’s IMEI find my iPhone is activated Some people have come up with unethical ways of trying to bypass the iCloud activation but very few can be able to use their iDevice after exploiting this security feature. And sincerely speaking unless you have a stolen or misplaced phone it will be very hard to get the phone activated; that means registering with a network and iTunes. Just like android users use the Google play. Apple devices require you to sign in with your Apple ID and password to download any application from the Apple Apps store.  Next time someone tries to sell to you a cheap iPhone or iPad think twice before making the purchase. That device could end up being used like a toy or iPod since you may never get past the activation screen. With IOS getting updated each and every time it will get harder to crack this feature especially for people who own devices running devices with A5 and above chips/processor.
Before buying a second hand iPhone or iPad
•Always check find my iPhone is not activated. Check physically or using
•Always buy from reliable sources, if you making payments use websites such as EBay or amazon since they offer buyer protection services and payments is made via PayPal. That means you can always claim for a refund if goods delivered are not satisfactory
•Also check if the phone has been reported lost or the IMEI is blacklisted. You can use free services such as
•Finally check if the phone is carrier locked. Don’t be fooled by the price the device costs. It might be locked to international networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Vodafone etc.

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