How to unlock bootlader and root a HTC phone

Today am going to show you how to unlock and root a HTC phone.I found out HTC phones to be a bit different from you normal Samsung phone in that they come locked from changing their firmwares and modifying apps. But that’s not to worry because the guys at HTC are kind enough to give you a free option to unlock the boot loader of your device. I got to say am new to HTC phones but I have come to like their sleek look and awesome feel.
So today am going to teach you a very basic method of unlocking the boot loader or your HTC model. In my case I used a HTC 6160. This phone looks exactly like a HTC 601 only difference is it’s a dual SIM with one SIM card usable with CDMA network. It also packs a Quad core processor and an internal memory of 8GB.

The first things you will need is to fully charge your phone to make sure you don’t brick or crash the phones firmware. Then register a free account on HTCdev website. You will receive a username and password to create your account.
Next make sure you enable USB debugging on your phone, Settings>>Developer options>> usb debugging.On the HTC 6160 its can be found on Settings>> About >> Software information >>More >>  Build number then you press it 7 times and a message will pop saying” your are 3 steps from becoming a developer”. Then next Disable Fastboot by going to Battery manager(Power)>>Fastboot and disable it. You will then need ADB and fastboot installed on you computer. Just search on Google for SDK tools and download and unzip the file on your computer c: drive. Make sure you have installed the correct drivers for your phone model. If you have HTC sync installed then you are ready to go.
Put you device on fastboot mode by pressing the power button and the Volume down button the same time. Make sure you select Fastboot>> select it by pressing the power button. Connect you phone USB to your pc. Type Fastboot oem  get_identifier_token . You will get message with your boot loader that should be copied to the HTC unlock boot loader website on step 5. Copy from where <<identifier Token Start to Identifier Token End >>. After submitting you will receive the Unlock_code.bin file on  your email. Go back to command prompt and make sure you are on the SDK>>Platform tools folder and type fastboot flash unlocktoken unlock_code.bin.Use CD command to change directory. Also copy the bin file you received o the folder Android\SDK\platform-tools I renamed the folder to android for easy navigation.

 If successful the phone screen will change and you will get and option to choose yes. Confirm by pressing the power button. Wait as your phone reboots, and you can confirm if it’s unlocked by booting to recovery again. I will write the next post on how to root the phone. If you need any help comment and I will respond.
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