The Eastleigh crackdown got me thinking, is our country addicted to TERROR?

Why is it that most people who go abroad never desire to come back to their home country? Kenyans in particular go to states or Europe but not a single one is willing to come back. Some may invest on their relatives but are still reluctant to come back and settle down. Am I the only one who sometimes thinks we are too far from change? Just like Tupac sung “some things will never be the same, still I see no changes...” I know we can’t run away from problems but rather solving them is what will bring change. When we stop just talking and take actions no matter how small it may seem. The first thing that irks me a lot about our country is our leaders never take things seriously. Have you ever noticed how things that matter most read Lives being lost on a daily basis never ring a bell on their mind? Take for instance the ever happening disasters and terrorist attacks that have been happening on the recent past. If some of the acts that occur were to happen in other countries, some people would be fired. Solutions for the problems formulated and changes enacted where necessary.
The whole of this week our security force have been involved in an operation to establish citizenship of our fellow descents from Somali. A lot of questions have been raised as to what prompted for the immediate action to get rid of those alleged to be here illegally. I am not the big CIA but a lot of questions have to be asked as to when we take action on things that should have been done earlier. Also we need to ask ourselves some questions does it mean that the government didn’t know that we had illegal immigrants in Kenya until the Bomb Attack and the likoni church massacre happened.
If we want to solve some problems we have to start with the main roots of the problems. I applaud the government for some of its initiative to form a special force that will be responsible of our borders and fighting terrorism. But even as they do that we have to be realistic and solve the bigger problems. The major problem that I know will still be a big challenge to our government is the people responsible of securing our country, the police. Some say people say that we should pay them well; some say they should be a product of good grades. Fine this would be good qualities in our police force in Kenya. So what happens when some of these prerequisites are ignored?  We raise a force that knows only one language. Pay something small and we can negotiate on your freedom. But these are the people that we expect to bring justice and peace in our country. Then we will keep hoping and may never find it. To come back to my point I read somewhere that during the Eastleigh security raids a journalist was caught up in one of the raids. He narrated the whole scenario of what was happening and as usual the police would release you from their trucks if you parted with five thousand shillings. See what I was talking about. Now this is what happens on the ground but even before they do this some of the people that are in Kenya illegally how did they pass the immigrations test and get validated with Kenyan IDs. That should be our main big questions to answer. I believe if you are in the US without proper papers you ought to be afraid of the consequences of you being in that country illegally. Those that are here illegally ought to have some fear. But if nobody gives a F**k what goes around we are going to harbor a lot of people with ill motives, People who don’t care about peace and humanity in our communities.Yet again am reminded of a song i like by Black Eyed Peas, where is the love.
I know some people are against what the police are doing may be because of the manner in which they are carrying out the operations. But we can’t blame them that’s how they have been trained and for them to do it differently they have to be trained well then. The recent bomb attacks in Eastleigh must have prompted the government to carry out the operations. I don’t see any reason why we should sympathize with people who want to blow themselves and others for no apparent reason. I mean Kenyan is a peaceful country and we don’t need it to go to the wind just like that. This issue is not a about a certain religion or race being discriminated, no. Many people may argue that there’s some kind of discrimination but we should differentiate that with following the law. If someone is here without the proper documents and something happens he or she can leave without a trace. Therefore I believe the screening that’s taking place should actually be intensified. If I was in another country illegally I would cringe in fear if my fellow brotherhood is the ones carrying out attacks. If these operations are done with no bias then in one way or the other it’s within the law and should go on even in other cities and not just Eastleigh.
I like Eastleigh and the way things are at the moment I would rather shop in town where things are much expensive that set my foot there.  And to my fellow friends who live there and have experienced the wrath of the POPOs I feel for you especially the innocent Kenyans who are born and raised here and those with valid documents. That’s my two cent’s! Wait i think it’s more than a two cent. It’s a free country and somebody has to say it like it is. No hard feelings.

The Eastleigh crackdown got me thinking, is our country addicted to TERROR? The Eastleigh crackdown got me thinking, is our country addicted to TERROR? Reviewed by Elvis Msmart on 16:35 Rating: 5
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