Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Prophet Owour followers clean the streets of eldoret with omo for him

You can call him Pastor, Apostle or Prophet.  The flamboyant prophet as the call him have left people stunned after residents of Eldoret took to the streets to clean the Roads in preparation for his arrival for a Major crusade in the town. Some of these things were only witnessed long time ago during the era of Jesus Christ. Pastor Owour is known to cause traffic snarls whenever he is around a town. Before attending the Eldoret prayer meeting he was earlier photographed shopping for a suits in a popular shop a long Kimathi street. During the shopping spree he appeared with his long motorcade of expensive automobile including a Range rover and a Mercedes together with a full detail of bodyguards like a Real VIP. Personally I think people are taking it too far when it comes to adoring our Men of the cloth.

 For those who read the bible, we all know Jesus was a humble person despite being the son of God. At one time he even rode on a donkeys back, ate together with the poor. And preached about sharing what we have been blessed with. How many people can attest to their pastors, prophets, Apostles whichever name you want to call them preaching the same message that the messiah did?
When is prophet Owour going to hold another rally probably in Nairobi? The streets are not that clean plus its big city. Let’s see if his followers will run to the streets with Omo to clean them up.