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1839, birth of photography. First successful photograph by Thomas Wedgewood. Though it was just an Image. He died at 34 I’m guessing he smoked too much or maybe the flu took him. But then Louis Daguerre was the first to include man in his photograph, the same year 1839 at some street in France, boulevard du temple.

Despite what you are seeing right now, it was a pretty busy street. The thing is, in order for an image to conjure at that time, during the inception of photography, the camera had to focus on an object for slightly over 10 minutes. That explains why only two men are seen on that photograph, the man and the shoe shiner. Now I wonder, did they have selfies at that time?
I could go on and on about photography, because it is kind of vast, I mean there was this time I believe the flash produced by a camera would land you in hospital, powerful like an object in motion, like in those old movies e.g. King Kong, lol those things flickered with so much power if today they were to be used again at likoni people would run for their lives like no one’s business.

This is a tribute to Peter Ndungu Kamau alias j’z, I don’t know if he still goes by that nick anymore, of Strathmore School of Law, he is my friend, my former classmate some time back, also now practices both law - cum - photography, I won’t concentrate on the law bit, but instead photography.
What best way to store memories other than through photography, i mean i personally hate my childhood years, thinking of them makes me want to puke, no better time than the present (viva the present and all his friends). if u luckily had a camera and your baby sis or your nagging girlfriend or those family photos usually taken annually or in a span of a few years and you definitely had to be in them, (maybe because your father is a dictator), you remember that 'i will kill you where you stand or i will kill you in your sleep' vibe going through your mind while you posed for the camera, at that time, you did not even dare to check out how the photo looked like. Now 10 years down the lane and you accidentally stumble over those family albums and perusing you find that picture from that day and you can’t help but smile. I think i made my point.
Back to peter. You should definitely check out his photos. I’ll post the address below to view pictures by him. I have his collection myself there is one I’m even thinking of framing. Too awesome.
His pictures are deep check this out for example

'The little challenges in life can be a hurdle and you might not see what’s in front. But with the right attitude, vision and focus, you can bravely walk past them.' -Pierre
Peter ndungu is a son of photography, you don’t believe me, check this out.

Check out the lighting for instance, i have an amateur eye but i could not help but notice the emotions in that photo. This is what I see:
1. A humongous pole with a shitty flag.
2. Kenyans together.
3. The light (on your left) - that light signifies so much I’m afraid if I get into detail, the government will declare me an enemy of the state. This picture can start a revolution, that’s how deep I think that picture is. Take your time to analyze it. Okay you are taking too much time, I’ll go ahead and give you what I think. the light is so bright it turns you on, it depicts the proverbial saying light at the end of the tunnel, aluta continua, struggle continues, it shows how we can grow into a superpower nation with sharp young minds who try to tap into their abilities without caring whatever kind of a barrier between you and the sea of unlimited opportunities that lay ahead. (That is the censored version. for uncensored, explicit limited version call me.)
An undergraduate student has to go to class and code stupid programs to keep up with the rest of the pigs at school. It was not my intention to blog after 3 or so weeks, plus i had cats, yes, i just heard you say fuck, i know i did.
Please check out peter's Twix official page either on twitter or Facebook, they will definitely cool, be safe.

Nairobi Night Lights.
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