Samsung Galaxy S5 Kenya short review

As usual every time a new Samsung galaxy S is announced everybody becomes excited to check the latest specifications that the new phone will be packing. Some even get the device news leak before it gets announced. Kenyans especially in Nairobi are fond of brandishing their gadgets and will be waiting for this one to land in their hands.The kind of job i do i tend to deal with people who use smart phones off all kinds.So at the moment its time for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to shine before it becomes obsolete and just another galaxy phone.

But what I have come to notice is unless you still own a budget phone and plan to upgrade to a new phone with better features, there is no need to upgrade or sell your Samsung galaxy S3 or S4.You see Samsung are very clever and to continue making sales they just need to add a few more specs better than the previous one. You can even tell what the next phone to be released will have on its features. Take for instance the Samsung galaxy S5, the only features they have added that can distinguish it from S4 are;

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1) Its camera is much powerful than its predecessor. It comes with a 16MP 5312 x 2988 camera with face detection. The s4 has a 13MP camera.
2) The screen size has also increased slightly by 0.1 inches. That is 1080 by 1920 pixels display 5.1 inches the s4 has a 5.0 inch super amoled screen. But one feature that you can bet will help is the Adaptive display technology. That means the phone is able to adapt to different lighting conditions. Like when you are in an open field on a sunny day.
3) Samsung galaxy S5 packs a Quadcore 2.5GHZ krait 400 MHz processor compared to Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 that the predecessor had. This is just a slight improvement which may be noticed by people running heavy applications and games.
4) The fingerprint scanner feature which is located at the back of the phone can be used to unlock the phone by swiping your finger. It can also be used to authorize mobile PayPal payments. Also it has a heart rate monitor for used to those guys who like exercising or jogging.
Other slight improvement include its battery which is larger by 200mAh.As you all know most smartphones suck battery power pretty fast. Actually this will always be a challenge to be overcome in the future with smartphones getting more advanced in terms of what they can do. In terms of software it comes bundled with the latest Android ver 4.4 kitkat.
Am a fun of Samsung but I think what they are doing is great but when are they going to introduce something different. It’s a cut throat competition with Apples iPhone 6 coming up and other phones such as Sony Experia Z2 boasting of similar features.
To those who are going to buy this phone, just know that most features included in most smart phones are similar. Remember the internal memory of the phone matters most. This is where you will load most of your applications that don’t come inbuilt with the phone. Also most of the applications that would require a lot of memory are games, and I don’t think if you can afford a £550 phone you will be playing games all the times.

Let’s just hope that one in Kenya they will introduce the swap program where you can trade in you older Samsung S3 or S4 with some extra payment to get the S5.In other countries where phones are sold on Carrier contract basis a trade in for a better or newer phone is possible. Even according to Samsung that could work in Kenya if we have an organized database for locating individuals in the country. This can also be felt when it comes to shipping goods from abroad. Most online stores like amazon ship items free abroad where name and house address system works perfectly.

Sincerely speaking unless you are a photographer or a person who is keen on taking perfect photos you can live without the 16MP cameras. I have also noted that most Kenyans buy their smart phones to make a statement; very few understand what their phones can leverage in terms of features.

For those who are interested in Pre-ordering the device which will officially start selling from April 2014, Jumia are already having a pre-order price of  ksh69,999.Am sure safaricom are also in line preparing to announce their pre-order price soon. May be the cheaper than what jumia are offering.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kenya short review Samsung Galaxy S5 Kenya short review Reviewed by Elvis Msmart on 04:10 Rating: 5
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