MLM in Kenya what’s wrong with it

Multi level marketing is still on in Kenya. I recently got approached by a friend to join the program with a promise to making money easy. Now the reason I still doubt the model of business is the person who wanted to recruit me was reluctant to tell me first what the business would entail. So she told me it’s a lucrative venture that will be making me money besides what I earn. But the funny thing is she was not willing to part with more info and promised me to attend the business meeting myself to get more info about the whole business. Now this raises the questions why would you not be willing to discuss what the business entails if it’s such a good business that you are proud of doing.

So being the type of person who likes digging for information before giving it a shot, I went to her WhatsApp profile and coincidentally I found her profile photo splashed with the product she was trying to market. My mind was still not decided whether I should attend the said business meeting but the moment I saw the photo I googled about the product only to find out it was some type of coffee (Oregano gold) they promise to be organic with health benefits. Now that was not enough I did more research and didn’t find good reviews online about the product. To cut the story short I just sent her a message and told her I respect her business idea but was not going to buy into this kind of MLM business model. What’s so special about this Oregano tea? If it was that popular it would be filling the shelves of our supermarkets instead of hiring people to market the product. Ask yourself this obvious questions, and you will find the answer is No.

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Ooh I forget to tell you I also attended an interview once that promised of a lucrative customer care job, only to find out it were a recruitment exercise for a Multi level herbal company that is very popular in Nairobi Kenya. My question is why this kind of businesses tries so hard to hide their real self instead of going head on about what they deal with. Am not saying that people don’t make money using the model but it just doesn’t click for me as a good business. If something is so good and promises to deliver much better than what is on the market it shouldn’t be so hard to market it leave alone sell it. Now the funny thing with this interview which I attended is the moment people who had showed up realized it was a multi level marketing scheme the room was left with less than four guys out of the thirty guys who had showed up. When one of the managers asked me why I didn’t think it would work, I told her that I felt cheated in the first place since they had advertised the job using the wrong title to try and get as many people to show up.

And so yesterday I attended a birthday bash for my little niece and when I saw one my bros friend who had attended trying to sell the idea to my sister ,I couldn’t help but wait for her to sell her proposition. Once she was through i informed my sister that there was something important that I needed to tell her privately. So I warned her not to fall for this business model and she was glad I did. May be you have found success in this kind of business but what I know is most of the people who have tried it get swindled or one of the managers benefits out of every member recruited before it all comes to a crash. For those who are willing to go ahead and join an MLM program check out this tips which will help you before you make a decision.

Anyway I believe in doing something legit and concentrating on my efforts to see it succeed .What I have come to realize is most of the managers  are interested in recruiting more sales persons to gain more commissions. Their main aim is not how much you sell but how many people you will in return. So when one tells me you can make some extra cash as on the side I am very careful before I give it a shot. But if you still have the courage to go ahead and think you can make it doing multi level marketing, Remember those are my views, I respect your views if you think different about the business. Adiós

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