Campus Wi-Fi by orange Kenya at Kenyatta University

Orange Kenya has introduced a Wi-Fi hotspots service to server Kenyatta university students with cheap and fast internet via Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi hotspots will only be available on the campus radius and its environs. Customers will need to have Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Laptops, Tablets or mobile phones to access the service. Once the customer searches for the Wi-Fi hotspot they will be required to create an account with their emails. Afterwards you will be given free 10 minutes access to the Wi-Fi internet connection.

Upon creating an account the Kenyatta university students needs to log in to the top up page to top up and buy the bundles on the same web interface. Orange Kenya is one of the leading internet service providers with cheap bundles and fastest internet in Kenya. Their Bundles ranges from 20MB to 5GB.The service also include a time based plan where you can choose to pay and pay a fixed amount for thirty minutes or 1 hr.

The advantage of using this service is you don’t have to own a modem to browse or use normal 3G network which sometimes is congested. Also customers using the campus Wi-Fi hotspot service will receive bonus data valid for 24hrs for every bundle purchased. You don’t need to have an orange sim card to use the service and its totally independent of the sim card you use, therefore you can still continue making calls using a different network while you enjoy using the Wi-Fi internet connection.

Orange Kenya has always been the pioneer for unique data services and was the first company to introduce zero.facebook. This service is available to orange customers who intend to use Facebook without incurring data costs.
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