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Sometime the saying if you can’t beat them join them applies a lot in business. Trying to compete in a business sometime can be very hard especially when you want your products to remain relevant in the market. That’s why I see most big companies some time prefer to buy out their smaller competitors who are growing big and more innovative than them. That’s not the only reason; it could also be prospects of making a huge profit after injecting more cash to boast the business and increase revenues.

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Competition is the rule of the game and most big companies such as Facebook, Samsung, Apple and Twitter survive by outshining each other. Samsung mobile would not have gone so far if they didn’t try to copy Apple iPhone model. They started with the shape of their Galaxy phone which became popular and a lot of people compared it to iPhone. That was not enough they also introduced the front camera on their devices. And recently they are trying to introduce the Finger swipe technology on their latest Samsung Galaxy S5 phone model.

When it comes to making huge acquisition, Facebook is keen on buying out companies that it deems profitable or those that come close to giving it a run for their money. Facebook purchased Instagram a photo sharing website that was gaining a massive following as the next social media platform. Facebook which uses the same model of business made a good decision to buy out their competitor Instagram. Now anytime you brag about ditching Facebook for Instagram, but still continue sharing your photos on Facebook via Instagram think twice. Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp in a whopping $19 Billion deal that saw WhatsApp founders rise to Forbes top 50 richest people in the world. Technically the money has not left Facebook as many people ought to think but only shares have been traded here.

The only company that still gives Facebook a headache is Twitter; most of my friends ditch Facebook for Twitter everyday.Even myself sometime I prefer logging in to Twitter to get real time updates on what’s happening and trending locally or international. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Facebook but sometime I prefer Twitter over Facebook. And by the way things are moving they have already added their own #tag system on the platform just like Twitter.
Twitter is unique, simple and precise. If you open the two websites and compare that’s when you notice one is a jack of all trades. Facebook is loaded with Applications, Groups, Fan pages, Adverts, chat and many other features. For someone who is just interested with interacting with fellow like minded friends, all this features are not necessary. When you compare it with Twitter you will notice Twitter is clean and has less columns and features that could distract or bore you to death.

If you thought that was not enough they have introduced trending topics on the upper right corner of each account. This is one of Twitter’s oldest features which Facebook users will start using. Now if you don’t agree with me that sometime if you can’t beat them you just join them you. If somebody keeps copying your style or model of business that means there is something that you are doing right.

Life lesson from this major tech companies is you can either buy out your competition or you can either copy the same things your competitor is doing and may be add some little magic to it. What Facebook does might look like a cheap game but trust me they are making more money than twitter with every move they implement. Sometime it’s easier using proven methods having success than coming up with totally new ideas and concepts. Don’t get me wrong on this you still can use the concept of new fresh ideas to be successful in areas where your competitor is lurking behind.

I wrote this random post after logging in to Facebook and twitter the same time. I couldn’t help but notice the two biggest social media websites compete on a daily basis. Whatever floats your boat folks, after all one man's meat is another man's poison.
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