Barclays Premier League Debut 2013

We have gotten ever the fact that arsenal sold their top striker which in one way i come to see was a plan for wenger to dispose a striker who was getting old and who have been dogged by injuries in the past.Am waiting to see what kinda of combination the two can bring to Man-U.Man-U beat arsenal shamefully last season and being an arsenal fun i will be watching anxiously for their encounter this season.The 8-2 memory still linger in my mind.
Actually i just watched a replay of how the goals came to be on a video i had and thought Arsenal played a bogus game of should have been a 4-2 or something less.
I know anything is possible in football and that's why am not surprised that Man-U got beaten today by Everton who finished no 7 last season.Its a dull start for Man-U.
Arsenal have started low too by a 0-0 draw game with Sunderland.Am hoping to see something different in both teams as Van Persie may be gets to play his first game and arsenals new signing carzola.
Brace yourself fellow fanatics as we watch for as the teams unveil there plans for these seasons of Barclay's Premier league.

These is how the table standing looks like, i know things are going to be turned around soon.You all know how it begins.
Arsenal For life we ain't going nowhere..we are still proud to have nurtured the best.If i start counting Fabregas, Nasri , Song , Van Persie , Adebayor..We still got the mojo its just a matter of time and we will be back with some vengeance.

I call it a day

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